Custom Character


I'd like to know how to change the default character. I've seen there's a game that uses a ball as the character, I wonder how to achieve that, maybe I want a Tank or a Plane or a Creature.
I can't find where you change this.

How can you do this?

If you search for "costume" in Community Content, you'll find a number of examples that attach objects to the player, and often hide the player itself from view.

Since you mentioned a ball as one example, Roll 'Em is a bit of a special case. WaveParadigm has talked about what he did on the Core discord:

when the player joins I spawn a physics sphere, make their camera follow that sphere, use ability bindings and look direction to perform movement on the sphere, and have the sphere manually set the player's (who has Been set to Invisible and scale 0.1) position to some offset away from the ball
Collisions and all are handled because the object has physics

Thank you, I have been checking out their templates, figuring out how I could use them.

i have downloaded costume and attached to player . Now i want player to use that costume only without having to press F . Is there a way to do this?