CREATOR DASHBOARD full of garbage

Good morning beautiful community, it turns out that I have a problem, I am a person who likes to have things well organized and for a long time I wanted to eliminate from my list of online projects those that I no longer use or that without knowing, I eliminated the local project and now it is not possible to resume that project. I want to delete all those projects that I am not using but it has been impossible for me to find the option.

I would like someone to help me by telling me if there is any way to remove them from the list so as not to take up that unnecessary space on the server.

I want to remove what is in red.

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Hello :slight_smile:

At this stage I don't believe that we can manage the projects from that menu, but let's hope in the near future such a feature will be added. I also have a bunch of projects there that I would like to remove, or at the very least, move down lower in the list so that the main working projects show on top.

Happy new year :partying_face: