Creating something interesting

I need help of any programer, to create a script to can play a VFX with only press any key.
Example: I need press any key and after a few seconds, play a VFX.
I will wait for respond the community

Hello, and welcome to our community.

Here is an example of how this can be done.

You can create a script that will utilize the playerJoinedEvent so that you can tap into the bindingPressedEvent of the player when they are in the game.

-- Custom 
local propBasicExplosionVFX = script:GetCustomProperty("BasicExplosionVFX") -- This is a custom property (Asset Reference) added to this script which is used to define the desired VFX to use

function OnBindingPressed(player, binding)
	if binding == "ability_extra_33" then -- "ability_extra_33" is the F key on the keyboard
		Task.Wait(2) -- Waits 2 seconds before continuing through the function
		local playerPos = player:GetWorldPosition() -- Gets the current player position
		local explosionObject = World.SpawnAsset(propBasicExplosionVFX, {position = playerPos}) -- Spawns the pre-defined VFX into the world at the player position (This can be changed to wherever you would like to play the VFX
		explosionObject.lifeSpan = 3 -- Sets the lifespan of the VFX so that it does not remain in the game forever
		explosionObject:Play() -- Actually plays the VFX

function OnPlayerJoined(player)
	player.bindingPressedEvent:Connect(OnBindingPressed) -- Checks when the player presses any key in the game

Game.playerJoinedEvent:Connect(OnPlayerJoined) -- Checks when the player joins the game

And here is a screenshot of the hierarchy:

This is a rough example of how this can be done via script. You can make adjustments to fit your own needs. Please let me know if you need any more help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the help, exactly what I needed. now I can use it for what I need.

Don't you know how to make the equipment that you have on also have it after loading another map?

I have 2 different worlds and I want the team that I have in one, also have it in the other.

I've been around 20-30 days trying to do it.