Craft Arena

GAME NAME: Craft Arena
PLAYER COUNT: 2 Players + (Best with larger groups)
GAME LINK: [Map Update] Craft Arena by dandybell - Core Games

Craft Arena is a team game by stewbasic and dandybell.

Help your team mates craft the item it needs to score a point..
..snipe the enemy team away from your crafter.
..shoot your item into the goal (or just run into the goal holding it)
..jump high! Boost your speed! your team <3! Hinder the other team >:D

..Sit in the lobby sipping coffee while you watch others play in the stadium below!
The only limit is your imagination, and the scripted game rules :slight_smile:


All feedback appreciated <3
Thanks especially for the feedback for the initial release, BahamutChaos666, InfinityPlayer and Dryde.