Core Update 1.0.257 - Bug Fixes and QoL Improvements

Highlights for Version 1.0.257

Welcome to our July 19th Patch Notes!


  • New: Added a search function to the context menu in the Hierarchy, including toggles to add/remove recently used words to the search box.
  • New: Added a property to Cameras that shows a preview of the scene from the camera's perspective.
  • New: The Media library's image memory usage is now visible as a line entry in the in-game profiler.
  • Fixed: Data tables shared to CC will retain asset references.
  • Fixed: An issue in the Avatar UI where clicking "Revert to default color" on a hair slot would use that color when selecting a different hairstyle.
  • Fixed: Player characters jittering when being scaled up.
  • Fixed: A crash when calling UI.FindControlAtPosition() in preview mode while the viewport tab is closed.
  • Fixed: An issue where selecting a new avatar slot did not clear NFT selections from a previously selected avatar.
  • Fixed: Referenced assets from data tables not being listed correctly in the reference viewer.
  • Fixed: Improved speed of save/autosave.
  • Fixed: Crashes when calling CoreString functions with too many parameters.


  • New: Added a GetName() function to each enum type which takes a numeric value and returns the corresponding name. For example, Collision.GetName(1) will return FORCE_ON. Returns nil if an unrecognized number is provided.

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