Core Update 1.0.256 - Network Dormancy

Highlights for Version 1.0.256

Welcome to our July 5th Patch Notes!

Make sure to watch the patch notes live-stream hosted by Tedathor on the Core Live Twitch channel at 9:00 AM PST.


  • New: Network Dormancy feature:
    • This feature is for advanced creators to better optimize their projects by giving more control over when Networked Objects are replicating.
    • There is a new advanced property on CoreObjects: Start Replicating. You must have "Advanced Settings" checked to see advanced properties.
    • By default, networked objects with this property set as true will always replicate.
    • When this is switched off, the object starts in a dormant replication state and will only use network bandwidth when first created and when forced to replicate with a Lua function.
    • See more details on the Lua functions below and learn how to use them in our new tutorial.
  • Trigger collision setting now defaults to FORCE_ON. This is to ensure that the trigger volume is immediately visible when placing a new trigger in the scene, regardless of the network context or ancestor collision settings.
  • New: Merged Models now support Relevance. Defaults to "Critical" so by default there is no culling.
    • This can be changed on the Game Settings object in the "Performance - Merged Model" section.
  • New: The Script Helper now lists operators for types that have implemented them.
  • New: Creators can now have up to 4 Core Content tabs open simultaneously. They can be accessed via the "Window" menu or a dropdown UI near the upper right of Core Content itself.
    • Note that "Find in Catalog" will use "Core Content 1" (the first opened window) to show results.
  • Changed: The menu entries to open script-related windows have been grouped into a sub-menu in the editor.
  • Fixed: The audio preview volume being affected by camera position relative to the origin in the editor.



  • New: Added functions to control the new Network Dormancy feature:
    Function Name Return Type Description Tags
    IsReplicationEnabled() boolean Returns true if the object has replication enabled, else returns false. Server-Only
    SetReplicationEnabled(boolean) None Enables/Disables replication for the networked object. Server-Only
    ForceReplication() None If the networked object does not have replication enabled and this call is made, this will force it to replicate its current state. Server-Only


  • New: Added a function to get the compressed size of data:
    Function Name Return Type Description Tags
    Storage.SizeOfCompressedData(table data) integer Computes and returns the compressed size required for the given data table when stored as Player data. Server-Only

Learn more on our API documentation site.

Core Content

  • Fixed: Incorrect pivots on "Generic Bottles".