Core Update 1.0.240 - Device Preview & Media Library Updates

Highlights for Version 1.0.240

Welcome to our May 10th Patch Notes! As a reminder, in the last patches, we shipped the first tools to allow creators to get ready for our mobile launch on iOS this summer and image uploading.

Creators can now get a head start preparing their games for iOS! New APIs allow you to create touch-first games and optimize them for mobile. Games can be previewed in the Editor using our new Device Preview feature. When publishing, you can also now flag your game as iOS-ready, so it will appear when Core launches in the App Store. See full details in the patch notes below!
Games cannot yet be tested yet on an actual device, so keep an eye out in the Community Discord for information on an upcoming program to invite select creators to get access to iOS builds for testing before Core on iOS is live. You can learn more about the Device Preview on our documentation site.


  • New: The "Detail Relevance" range will allow client contexts to be rendered for a specific range of detail level. This will allow creators to replace geometry at higher detail levels with simpler geometry for a range of lower detail levels.
  • New: Added "Minimal" mode for the Performance Profiler for less intrusive profiling.
  • New: Humanoid animated meshes now have more granular locomotion stances. In addition to the existing walk and run forward for each weapon type, there are now walk and run left, forward_left, forward_right, right, backward_right, backward, and backward_left.
  • New: In "Create" mode, the "Community Content", "Terrain editor", "Bindings Manager" and "Performance" tabs to support scrolling with the right mouse button.
  • New: "New Template From Object" has been assigned Ctrl+Shift+I as a hotkey.
  • New: "Update Template From Object" has been assigned Ctrl+Shift+O as a hotkey.
  • New: You can now select all Core objects in a sub-tree of the hierarchy by right-clicking and selecting "Select All".
  • New: Added a number of players metric to the Performance Profiler.
  • New: Added a sort option to the Scenes UI that allows sorting by creation time or by name.
  • New: Outline Object: Now supports Animated Meshes and Mobs. Added: Bounds visualization and bounds adjustment parameters.
  • Changed: The default voice chat method has been changed back to Push-To-Talk.
  • Changed: Both the player and their mount will now be distance culled.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for some game tags always produced an empty list.
  • Fixed: Corrected issue where Multicast Beam VFX beams would not respect lifespan.
  • Fixed: The Outline Object now properly outlines objects that are children of a script.
  • Fixed: An issue where changes to voice chat settings in the social panel were not reflected in the main settings menu.
  • Fixed: Adjusted textures to remove artifacts for Abstract Tech Panel 01 - 03.
  • Fixed: An unlikely crash when creating a new script.
  • Fixed: An issue in the script editor where an unwanted newline would be created when deleting a multi-line text selection.

Device Preview

  • New: Added "Fit to window" and "Actual Resolution" options to Device Preview drop-down:
    • Fit to window keeps your device preview fully on-screen as you scale your window up and down.
    • "Fit to window" is now the default.
    • The previous presentation of Device Preview was "Actual Resolution" at half scale. This change removes the half scale - so now you can get the actual resolution.
  • Changed: In Create mode device emulation, the Core Menu button has been disabled. This button will show the Core Menu on a mobile device, but that menu shouldn't be shown when previewing a game.
  • Fixed: Device Preview's scroll bars no longer flicker when in full screen.
  • Fixed: Swapping devices using a hotkey with device preview on in full screen now properly changes devices instead of leaving a ghost of the old device on-screen.
  • Fixed: Device Preview no longer disables editor hotkeys when active.
  • Fixed bug where keyboard input was still enabled while previewing iOS devices.
  • Fixed bug where the screen lost focus when swapping to device preview, requiring you to click outside of the viewport and then back in to have keyboard movement.
    • This means editor controls such as right-click + WASD will work even while swapping device preview on and off.
  • Fixed bug where the "Virtual Controller" menu would not realize that you'd enabled/disabled touch controls until after the first input.

Media Library

  • New: The Media Library now supports uploading multiple images at once.
  • Fixed: An issue where renaming an image in the Media Library would alter the created date after reloading the project.
  • Fixed: A rare crash that could occur when deleting media library images.
  • Fixed: An issue where old image info was displayed in the Media Library when no image was selected.
  • Fixed: The file explorer dialog will now stay on top of the Editor for the media library and publishing dialogs.



  • New: Added the following functions to the Input namespace:
Event Name Return Type Description Tags
Input.pointerMovedEvent Event<Vector2 delta, integer touchIndex> Fired when the pointer (either the mouse or a touch input) has moved. Parameters include the change in position since the last time pointerMovedEvent was fired for the given pointer, and an optional touch index indicating which touch input moved. touchIndex will be nil when the mouse has moved. Client-Only
Input.mouseButtonPressedEvent Event<Vector2 position, MouseButton> Fired when the user has pressed a mouse button. Parameters indicate the screen position of the cursor when the button was pressed, and an enum value indicating which mouse button was pressed. Client-Only
Input.mouseButtonReleasedEvent Event<Vector2 position, MouseButton> Fired when the user has released a mouse button. Parameters indicate the screen position of the cursor when the button was released, and an enum value indicating which mouse button was released. Client-Only


  • New: Added the following function to all UI objects that are hittable:


Function Name Return Type Description Tags
GetCurrentTouchIndex() integer Returns the touch index currently interacting with this button. Returns nil if the button is not currently being interacted with. Client-Only

Learn more on our API documentation site.