Core Update 1.0.226 - Revamped Social UI & Festive Items

Highlights for Version 1.0.226

Welcome to our December 14th patch notes!

The social panel has undergone a layout revamp! The social panel has a fresh coat of paint to make things more clear and better organized for users. The changes are too numerous to list here, so hop into Core and check it out!


  • New: Added a /mergedModel filter in the Hierarchy UI to find Merged Model objects.
  • New: Added a button to mute/unmute yourself from the Social Panel, if using the Detect Speaking voice chat method. If using Push-To-Talk, this will serve as a speaking indicator.
  • New: Added ---@type annotations for some data types, and CoreObjectReference where values are assigned, for better autocomplete in Core's VSCode plugin.
  • Changed: The variable names in generated custom parameter Lua code now use SNAKE_UPPER_CASE in the Properties UI.
  • Changed: The default camera distance has changed from 400 to 250.
  • Changed: Player Jumping has been improved to use input buffering. This means that when jumping repeatedly, pressing the "jump" key binding slightly before the player lands will still result in a jump attempt. This should enable more fluid character movement, especially in platforming and obby games.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where rapidly changing voice chat channels could cause the user to get stuck in a 'Connecting...' state.
  • Fixed: Fixed an editor bug when reparenting an object containing a template with mismatched networking state.
  • Fixed: A publishing bug where required scripts were incorrectly stripped from client download.
  • Fixed: An issue where providing an invalid voice chat mode in Lua could cause game chat to get stuck in a connecting state.
  • Fixed: Not being able to set custom properties called "Name" on script assets.
  • Fixed: When deleting an object from the Hierarchy, we now clear object references pointing at the deleted object's descendants.
  • Fixed: An issue where the Dialogue audio setting had no effect on player vocal exertions.
  • Fixed: The continuous lookat functions not working when an object is attached to the player.
  • Fixed: A crash when creating a new template.
  • Fixed: An inconsistency regarding the ability to make the Camera object a child of other objects with non-uniform scale.


  • New: Added HitResult:GetShapePosition(). For SphereCast and BoxCast, this tells you the center of the shape in world space when it collided. For other uses, this matches GetImpactPosition().

    Function Name Return Type Description Tags
    GetShapePosition() Vector3 For HitResults returned by box casts and sphere casts, returns the world position of the center of the cast shape when the collision occurred. Otherwise returns the world position where the impact occurred. None
  • New: Added UIScrollPanel.isInteractable

    Property Name Return Type Description Tags
    isInteractable boolean When true, panel scrolling is enabled. When false, scrolling is disabled. Defaults to true. Read-Write
  • New: Added UIButton.boundAction.

    Property Name Return Type Description Tags
    boundAction string Returns the name of the action binding that is toggled when the button is pressed or released, or nil if no binding has been set. Read-Only

Core Content

  • New: Added several 3D Objects:
    • Gift Ribbon 01
    • Gift Bow 01
    • Gift Ribbon 02
    • Gift Bow 04
    • Gift Bow 05
    • Gift Bow 03
    • Gift Bow 02
    • Wedge - Concave 1:2
    • Cane - Thin 01
    • Wedge - Convex 1:2
    • Cane - Thick 01
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Wreath
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Snowman
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Snowman
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Snowglobe
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Snowflake
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Present
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Ornament
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday MIstletoe
    • Gift 02 Template
    • Gift 01 Template
    • Cane 01
    • Ring Half Z - Beveled - Thick - Large
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Tree
    • Ring Half Z Trim- Beveled - Large
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Lights
    • Animated Neon Sign -Holiday Gingerbread Man
    • Star -12- Pointed Soft 01
    • Animated Neon Sign - Holiday Candy Canes
    • Clay Form 21
    • Ring Half Z Trim- Beveled - Thin - Large
    • Ring Half Z - Beveled - Thin - Large
    • Ring Half- Half Z - Beveled - Large
    • Ring Half Z Trim- Beveled - Thick - Large
    • Fantasy Anvil 01
    • Ring Half Z - Beveled - Large
    • Ring Half Y Half Z - Beveled - Thin - Large
    • Ring Half Y Half Z - Beveled - Thick - Large
    • Opened Gift Pile 03 Template
    • Opened Gift Pile 02 Template
    • Opened Gift Pile 01 Template
    • Gift Pile 03 Template
    • Gift Pile 02 Template
    • Gift Pile 01 Template
    • Gift 11 Template
    • Gift 10 Template
    • Gift 09 Template
    • Gift 08 Template
    • Gift 07 Template
    • Gift 06 Template
    • Gift 05 Template
    • Gift 04 Template
    • Gift 03 Template
  • New: Added several Materials:
    • Wallpaper Holiday Stockings 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Presents 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Wreath 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Snowmen 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Trees 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Ornaments 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Holly 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Cookies 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Candy 01
    • Wallpaper Holiday Snowflakes 01
    • Holiday Knit Sweater 03
    • Holiday Knit Sweater 02
    • Holiday Knit Sweater 01
    • Knit Sweater 01
  • New: Added several VFX:
    • Toon Dust Trail VFX
    • Toon Stun Stars VFX
    • Toon Radial Dust Burst VFX
  • Changed: Improved Gunshot Assault Rifle AK Set 01 SFX type descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where pitch and volume smart parameters would not work properly in run-time for the following assets:
    • Object Funny Rubber Squeak & Duck 01 SFX
    • Object Domestic Doors & Creaks Set 01 SFX
    • Gunshot Pistol & Revolver Set 01 SFX
    • Explosion Creation & Construction Kit 01 SFX
  • Fixed: Thruster VFX now respects previous stop state with visibility toggle. Thruster flame hides when stopped.

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