Core Update 1.0.223 - Animations & QoL Improvements

Highlights for Version 1.0.223

Patch Notes Header

Welcome to our November 9th patch notes!

Make sure to watch the patch notes live stream hosted by Team META on the Core Live Twitch channel at 9 AM PST.


  • New: If enabled via "Game Settings" -> "Enable Play-Mode Profiler", the Profiler will now show up in Preview and Multiplayer Preview modes in addition to the Play mode.
  • New: Clicking on "Find in Shared Storage" when right clicking a shared key reference will now open the shared storage modal.
  • New: There is now a numbered badge for unread active events on the "My Games & Events" sub-tab of the Play tab.
  • New: Bindings can be reordered in the bindings manager.
  • New: In the project content view for Shared Keys, you can now right click on them to show their file location on your computer.
  • New: Added a "Reference Viewer" window, which can be opened in context menus for Hierarchy and Project Content, to show referencing assets/objects to and from selected asset/object.
  • New: Added more Hierarchy filters:
    • /cameraCollisionForceOn and /cameraCollisionForceOff
    • These can be used to find objects with corresponding Camera Collision values.
    • /lightCastShadows to find light objects with "Cast Shadows" turned on.
  • New: The Player Private Networked Data limit has been increased from 16kB to 32kB to match the recently updated Player Storage limit.
  • New: Added sleep animations to humanoid animated meshes:
    • unarmed_sleep_side_begin
    • unarmed_sleep_side_cycle
    • unarmed_sleep_side_end
  • New: Humanoid animated meshes now have dual_katana and dual_melee stances and abilities.
    • New stances:
      • dual_katana_idle_ready
      • dual_katana_idle_relaxed
      • dual_katana_run_forward
      • dual_katana_walk_forward
      • dual_melee_idle_ready
      • dual_melee_idle_relaxed
      • dual_melee_run_forward
      • dual_melee_walk_forward
    • New abilities:
      • dual_katana_left_hand_slash_left
      • dual_katana_right_hand_slash_right
      • dual_katana_right_hand_slash_vertical
      • dual_katana_left_hand_throw
      • dual_katana_right_hand_throw
      • dual_katana_right_hand_thrust
      • dual_katana_unsheathe
      • dual_melee_dual_thrust
      • dual_melee_left_hand_slash_left
      • dual_melee_left_hand_slash_right
      • dual_melee_left_hand_thrust
      • dual_melee_right_hand_slash_left
      • dual_melee_right_hand_slash_right
      • dual_melee_right_hand_thrust
      • dual_melee_unsheathe
  • New: Humanoid animated meshes now have the following abilities:
    • 2hand_melee_unsheathe
    • unarmed_point_forward
    • unarmed_pickup
    • unarmed_pickup_middle
  • New: The unarmed_idle_downed animation stance is now available for use on players. This is a full body animation of the character hurt and on the ground trying to recover. This does not include crawling or locomotion animations. It is only the stationary animation.
  • Changed: Renamed existing /collisionForceOn and /collisionForceOff filters to /gameCollisionForceOn and /gameCollisionForceOff.
  • Changed: Removed Project Content context menu's entries "Show Referencing Assets" and "Filter by Referenced Project Content", the functionality is replaced by new Reference Viewer.
  • Changed: You can no longer report content or submit a comment without any text.
  • Changed: events between 129 and 1280 bytes (inclusive) can now be sent without triggering warning messages. These larger events will count against the internal bandwidth limit.
  • Changed: Moved font color property on UI Buttons to the text subcategory.
  • Fixed: A crash when custom material base is not found.
  • Fixed: A bug that could prevent players from updating their profile text.
  • Fixed: We no longer show notifications for unlisted events that are starting. Also, don't badge the My Games & Events tab for unlisted events that are starting.
  • Fixed: An issue where pressing the reset or clear button on one row of a binding in the player bindings menu would reset/clear the entire binding instead of only the one row.
  • Fixed: We now remove repeated whitespace characters in chat messages.
  • Fixed: The slow loading times for the Event subtab of the Play tab.
  • Fixed: Some edge cases where creating a new template could break some object reference properties.
  • Fixed: Normalized Back Gear offset values. Now all back gear with mix and match better with uppers.
  • Fixed: Fix the autocomplete functionality on the Play tab, and support showing events in the autocomplete list.
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented the Total RP Received amount shown in the Rewards Dialog from updating after joining a game.


No API changes this patch but you can check out our newly added tutorials on the documentation platform:

Core Content

  • Add "Armor movement" sounds for the "Spartan Steed" mount.