Core Update 1.0.206 - Hotfixes

We have updated Core with a few hotfixes for bugs that occured with Patch 1.0.205:

  • UIContainer's that are set to "World" and use "Static" and "Texture Content" mode would previously fail to re-render certain changes to their child UI widgets. This fix makes those containers more expensive, but detects all changes.
  • Re-parenting a UI object from a Panel or Scroll Panel will no longer reposition the object relative to the container space.
  • UIContainer's that are set to "World" mode will now display their contents, even when parented under a player object.
  • The previous release (1.0.205) introduced an issue where spawned physics objects were no longer colliding with players.
    • We have resolved that issue for any maps saved before that release and for maps going forward.
    • If you have loaded and saved your map on 1.0.205 already, physics object team and enemy collision settings will need to be manually enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple virtual folders could be created in error. This would cause issues renaming and deleting folders in project content