Core Update 1.0.195 - More Material API and Reward Points

Highlights for Version 1.0.195

Welcome to our July 13th patch notes!

You can now earn Reward Points by completing quests and by playing certain games. Reward Points can be used to purchase new cosmetics in the store.

We're also delivering on our promise on expanding the new Material API by adding a lot more functions to it.

More information on materials can be found in the Lua API.

Make sure to watch the patch notes live stream hosted by Team META on the CoreLive Twitch channel at 9 AM PST.


  • New: Added a checkbox to the editor's publish game dialog allowing creators to flag their games as granting Reward Points.
  • New: Added coordinate numbering to the Curve Editor.
  • New: Added multi-line text input support for the Text property of UITextBox, UIButton, and WorldText. Use Shift+Enter to start a new line.
  • New: UIImages can now show screenshots from any game.
  • New: Editor subcategories can now be collapsed the same way categories can.
  • New: Added a "Enable Social Menu" checkbox to the Game Settings object. If enabled, players will have option to open the Social Menu when near another player.
  • New: The parameter paste dialog in Create mode now shows parameters in categories, with options to select/clear all in one category. Selecting custom parameter values that do not exist on the paste target will now add them.
  • Changed: "New Group/Folder Containing This/These" no longer defaults to networked.
  • Changed: Attempting to open a script in the hierarchy that doesn't have a script reference will now throw a warning popup.
  • Fixed: A crash when calling CoreSocial.GetFriends(player) and the player does not have any friends yet.
  • Fixed: On the Dummy Object the selection now properly respects hierarchy visibility settings.
  • Fixed: A bug in the perk purchase flow. Thanks to Tarnatio.n for reporting!
  • Fixed: A hitch that could occur when changing Materials.
  • Fixed: A possible issue where player:PrivateNetworkedData could end up in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed an issue with templates not spawning correctly in networked contexts. (Hotfixed on July 16th)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Reward Points tab to display an incorrect daily RP value after repeatedly gaining RP from a user. (Hotfixed on July 16th)
  • Fixed an issue where RP sometimes did not immediately show in the wallet when gained. (Hotfixed on July 16th)
  • Fixed various editor crashes. (Hotfixed on July 16th)

Known Issues

  • When pasting parameters, Core sometimes crashes on some objects if there is a category where all parameters belong to a sub-category. It's usually for complicated objects like post process effects.

  • The following hierarchy object right click menu options always produce an error. You can work around this by creating the context first and then moving the object into it. Note that Abilities and Vehicles still cannot be in a context. (Hotfixed on July 14th)

    • New Client Context Containing This
    • New Server Context Containing This
    • New Static Context Containing This
  • When you earn Reward Points in a game, there is no immediate in-game indication of the amount of RP you earned. You can find the amount in the ESC menu, and Core does communicate when you reach a cap. In an upcoming release we have plans to add a platform-level indicator and let creators choose to show it. In the meantime, creators will need to build their own visualization showing the amount of RP earned.Please note that if you build your own visualization, there will not be a way yet to communicate if a player did not receive full RP due to reaching the cap. If you give a player 100 RP, and the player only receives 25 RP due to hitting the cap, your message may still incorrectly indicate they earned 100. We are looking to address this as well in future updates.


  • New: Added two movement hooks to Vehicles:
    • Vehicle.clientMovementHook on the client of the vehicle driver when you want to adjust their inputs.
    • Vehicle.serverMovementHook on the server to drive a vehicle that has no driver.
  • New: Added the SetRewardsDialogVisible(bool isVisible, defaultTab) and IsRewardsDialogVisible() functions to the UI namespace.
    • defaultTab can be RewardsDialogTab.QUESTS or RewardsDialogTab.GAMES.
  • New: Added the GrantRewardPoints(rewardPoints, activityName) API to the Player object.
  • New: Added the SetGameScreenshot(gameId|slugLink, [screenshotIndex]) API to UIImage. Passing in a blank gameId will clear the screenshot and set the image back to normal.
  • New: Added the ResetMaterialAssetId, ResetUVTiling, ResetColor and ResetIsSmartMaterial functions to MaterialSlots.
  • New: Added a maxPlayers property to CoreGameInfo.
  • New: Added a CoreModalType.SOCIAL_MENU enum value to CoreModalType.
  • New: The following Vehicle properties can now written to from Lua:
    • .maxSpeed
    • .accelerationRate
    • .tireFriction
    • .brakeStrength
    • .turnRadius (on FourWheeledVehicle)
    • .gravityScale
    • Note: These properties can be changed while the car is driving although there may be performance implications.
  • New: Tank.turnSpeed is now writeable from Lua.
    • Note: This property can be changed while the Tank is driving although there may be performance implications.
  • New: Added the .coastBrakeStrength read/write property to all vehicles.
    • Note: Coast Brake Strength only applies to vehicles with a non-zero Brake Strength.

Core Content

  • New: Added "Reward Points" textures to the UI Textures catalog. These textures can only be used by creators in the Perks Program.
  • New: Added player ability animations: unarmed_watering_can, dual_katana_left_hand_throw and dual_katana_right_hand_throw.
  • Fixed: "Wicker" materials will no longer sound like rattling bones when walked over.
  • Fixed: An issue with the "Snowboard" mount start/stop movement sound was too loud.
  • Fixed: An issue in the "Retro and Arcade Music Score Set 01" asset had an incorrect type name.
  • Fixed: An issue where "Metal Scrape Slide Grind Loop 01 SFX" was not playing audio.

Reminder for Creators

Beginning with Patch 1.0.187, projects now have an additional scenes folder: Scenes/Main on the file system. This is in preparation for the Scenes feature which will come in the future, but should have no meaningful effect on existing projects and you won't see it in the Core hierarchy. For creators using source control, there will be a migration of files to this folder but the source control should handle this gracefully. Make sure to commit this change to your project first before making any other changes to keep the history clean.

When it comes out later this year, Scenes will enable you to have more levels and sub-games inside of your main project instead of having to use child-games. There's a lot of work yet to be done before Scenes releases, but we will keep y'all updated as it approaches!