Core Invitational, looking for creators with published games, shocase maps or proven portfolio outside core

As the title says, I am recruiting creators to join my team. Those who have any good, experimental content, showcase map, games, core related or non core game development, UI, scripting, 3d art etc portfolio/examples. Please consider joining me for Core Invitational.

Recruiting a team for Core Invitational

Story Writer
UI Desginer
Kit Bashing Artist

Requirements: Anyone who posses all or any...
Has published games on Core.
Has published creative showcase maps, UI works on Core.
Has Artstation,, youtube or deviantart portfolio.
Has a portfolio/examples/places to prove your skills at designing indie games, UI Designs and scripting.
Has published good content on Community Content in core.
Has proven skills in writing comics, short stories, visual novels etc.
An art student, game development student, UI UX student with a portfolio.

All rounder
Winner of Survival Jam, Holiday Jam, participant of GGJ 2021 Jam
Ex Unity 3d game developer 7yrs
Roblox game designer 12yrs
Electronics Engineer by day.

My Concept: A 3rd perspective Sci-Fi RPG or MMORPG with puzzles and lore.

Contact me:
My discord server:
My discord profile: exUnity#6099
My Twitter:

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