Core Effect NOT Visible in the Game Test Window

I am trying to spawn a Core Content effect using scripting. I am using the following...

        spawnFX = World.SpawnAsset(propSpawnFX, {position = triggerInitialLocation})

When I preview the effect and code seems to be working in the Preview window, it spawns in the hierarchy, etc. but is not visible in the gameplay preview mode window where you actually play the game. Have a look...

Here is where it sits in the hierarchy...

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong here? Or is this a bug? Or do I just have something sitting in the wrong folder? When messing around with this earlier it seemed like whenever I networked an effect it would not show up in the preview mode window but WOULD should up in the preview window. Here is an example of that...

Can you just not network effects? I am not sure what I am doing wrong. It works exactly how I intend it to in the preview window but not in the gameplay view. Your help is appreciated and thanks for the time!

Did you work out a solution to this, I'm hitting the same problem?

Edit: I looked at my own spawned objects. In mine the only thing that's networked are the physical assets, but not the group folder and script. The item template that's being spawned by the script has to be fully networked I believe.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just tried to publish the unlisted game and it is still not showing up. Any other ideas are welcome? Thanks for the time

Other than checking to see if the effects are somehow spawning in a different location, I'm stumped. I use the Universal Object Spawner template to handle most of my object spawns, but it sets things up very similarly to how yours is in the hierarchy. Most of my issues have been forgetting to network the spawned template or accidently moving graphics off the trigger when the spawner requires activation, basic sloppy stuff.

What is the Universal Object Spawner? What does that mean?

Actually, this is going to sound weird, but try adding a piece of geometry to it. Or put your trigger pad and trigger effect into the same group folder.

Also, what do have you have autoplay and loop set to in the effects? Some audio and vfx seem to require autoplay to be checked to work.

I tried to put a piece of geometry in as well as messed with auto play (which was already on) and other settings like visibility, etc. Nothing seemed to help. Problem is that this is NOT in the scene anywhere. I supposed I could have it on the pad and try and figure out how to turn visibility on and off if triggered but spawning seems so much easier. FYI, the geometry spawned perfectly.

Look under community content for universal object spawner. I think standardcombo put it up, but not 100% sure.

Sorry for the necro, but I see this has quite a few views and I've just wasted several hours with it as well. For me the solution was that the spawned effects template needed to be in a static network context. I assume this is to do with it being spawned from a server script into the clients, but I am just guessing. HTH.