Core Certification Course III: Basic Abilities - Punch doesn't work

Equip an Ability with an Equipment
As seen in the previous lesson, an Equipment is an object that is attached to a player. You can also add Abilities in your Equipment to play animations when a player presses a key. Let’s add an Ability in the Equipment you made in the previous Hands-on.

  1. Search “Ability” in the Core Content
  2. Drag & Drop the Ability object on the Equipment name in the Hierarchy (not in the Client Context).
  3. Rename the Ability to “Punch”
  4. Press Play and equip the Equipment
  5. Press Left Click to play the “Slash Left” animation with a 5 seconds cooldown (default parameters)

I followed this exactly and it doesn't work. It doesn't do anything.

How do I fix the problem to make it work?

Action Name should be set to "Attack" (without the quotes)

This corresponds to the Action that is configured in the Bindings Manager.