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Buildup Script | By: @Standardcombo / Featured, Animation

Based on the legendary Buildup Script by Fezzinate, this version has been reworked to play from gameplay events or key presses, instead of by a trigger press--amongst other improvements.

Activate Nuke Kit (WIP) | By: @Dracowolfie / Featured, VFX

This brings a nuke detonator into your game. Interact with the tnt box to cause an explosion. After the designated time in the TimeUntilWall custom property, a giant wall of death will move at a constant speed over the X axis--get hit by it, and die! This also adds simple UI to the screen when the death wall is spawned, to show the distance from the wall to the 0,0,0 of the map.

Dialogue System | By: @Seth / Featured, Game Component

A functional dialogue system that can be used in your games. Note: This is a Work in Progress (WIP) so the functionality is subject to change Features: -Example dialogue set up to demonstrate how to use the system -Conversation between 2 characters -Swapping of portraits in the dialogue -Displaying the character on the left or right side of the screen -Multiple lines of dialogue -Advance on click -Clickable dialogue options -Branching dialogue -Conditionally displayed dialogue and dialogue options


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Toggle Visibility | By: @Buckmonster / Utility, Visibility

Toggle (on/off) visibility on the following
- UI (Default: z)
- Player (Default: x)
- Player's Equipment/Weapons (Default: v)
- Reticle (Default: b)
- Flight (Default: n) Note: Includes @Seth (Seth's) TogglePlayer and @featurecreeper (John's) Toggle UI scripts. Also uses @Seth (Seth's) TogglePlayer as template for ToggleEquipment and ToggleReticle See included: README_TOGGLE_VISIBILITY file for instructions

All Players Fly | By: @standardcombo / Utility, Movement

Drop in your game to make all players fly all the time. They can still walk when near the ground.

Piston | By: @MadGrin / Utility, Animation

Simple piston sim. Shape is driven by the positions of several named objects (Cam" and "EndConnector")."

Team Set Trigger | By: @zurishmi / Utility, Team

A simple trigger for debugging that sets the player's team when they step on it.

Maze Generator | By: @Seth / Utility, Random Generation

This is a script that will give you a randomly generated maze of the size of your choosing (If you decide to go above size 40, be aware that it could get pretty laggy). Tunable Properties: -Maze Size -Wall Frequency -Stopping the algorithm early To swap out materials for the walls and floors, you can edit the cell and edge templates This is currently a WIP


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Views, Looks, Camera, Position | By: @Buckmonster / Learn, Views, Camera

From @zurishmi 's white board example, converted to CORE (You can actually walk up to the mannequins and wear the examples by pressing F)

Easy Resource Pickup Challenge | By: @Buckmonster / Learn, Resources

The default Resource Pickukp component with
- A lot of extra comments to help those new to Lua
- An example pickup VFX and SFX
- A few additional VFX with a glow and a script to continuously spin the gem
- Challenges: -
- Add a Resource Display to show the resource amount in the UI -
- Customize the look of that display -
- Create your own, or modify the existing, VFX/SFX

Variable Manipulation Example | By: @Joviex / Learn, Animate

Animate any attribute on any object that can read and write values at runtime. This includes Smart Properties, Custom Properties and intrinsic* object properties. * Intrinsic accessors like isVisible, have a problem mapping correctly. A simple set of examples on using variable animation at runtime to drive everything from position, rotation and scale changes, to visibility of CoreObjects, color shifts and even burn down resource rates. The Motion and MotionA scripts are nascent attempts to provide a thin wrapper around Manticore variables (Custom, Smart or Intrinsic), and allow the ability to animate that variable over time -
- currently on a linear progression, with infinite cycles or repeat countdowns, and with or without oscillation (ping-pong).

Triggers, Collisions and Bears | By: @Joviex / Learn, Triggers, Collision

How to use a trigger during a collision event to also filter for a specific CoreObject by it's ID.

Destructible Object Sample | By: @Chris / Learn, Destructible

Some scripts to allow for easy creation of objects that can be destroyed by weapon fire. The key script files here are: Destructable_Manager
- overall manager and logic. Scripts that want to interact with destructible objects should require this script, and call its functions. Destructable_ObjectComponent
- place this on object that you want to be able to destroy, and populate the required custom properties. (Detailed in comments at the head of the file.)

Advanced Res/Pickup Challenge | By: @Buckmonster / Learn, Resources

Slightly more advanced resource/pickup examples and challenge. Sounds and VFX need some work so make your own! See README_CHALLENGE for the challenge.

RBG Hoverboard | By: @max / Learn, Lua

Color coded hoverboard, changes colors based on the height property of the player Use CORE_StaticPlayerEquipment and a player with the hoverboard mount to see it


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Camera Toggler | By: @zurishmi / Camera, Toggle

Use a bind to toggle temporarily to another camera.

Game Style Swapper Example | By: @zurishmi / Camera, Position Switch

Press shift to switch between a top down camera and third person. You should remove the camera and player settings in your scene to use this template.

FreeCam | By: @zurishmi / Camera, Free Cam

Enables free cam control for dead players.

Cinematic Shot | By: @standardcombo / Camera, Cinematic

Say cheese! This component pans a camera from point A to B. Easy to use! Drop into a scene and press 'M' to play/stop the cinematic. For complex cinematics with multiple shots, simply add copies of the template as needed and set their sequence numbers to create a chain. For impactful story moments, cinematic sequences can be triggered by a gameplay event using Events.BroadcastToPlayer(). If all players should see the sequence use Events.BroadcastToAllPlayers(). Customize shots by positioning Target, CameraStart and CameraEnd. Further customize by adjusting properties on the root of the template. The target can also be set to a dynamic object and the camera will track it.


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Advanced Game State | By: @LuckofBuck / Game Components, Game State

Take your games to the next level with a more advanced game state manager and display. Features:
- Require a particular amount of players to join before starting the lobby
- End a round currently in progress if not enough players are within the game
- Added a new round start state, this is perfect for countdowns before a round starts
- And all of this works with a more advanced Game State Display!

Ranked Player Scoreboard | By: @Seth / Game Components, Score Board

A scoreboard that shows the top 8 players currently in the game, based on the chosen stats. The players are listed based on their ranking. The default stats that are tracked are kills and deaths. The model was created using Buckmonster's Simple Sports Scoreboard CC. *NOTE: This template requires player storage to be turned on in order to function properly

Teleportation Network | By: @standardcombo / Game Components, Portals, Teleport

A basic setup with teleportation pads. A central hub contains teleporters to each location, and each of those has a teleporter back to the main hub.

Object Control | By: @WaveParadigm / Game Components, Object Control

Ever wanted to spawn in with control of a CoreObject instead of the default Player? This should help! This CC template, upon a player joining, hides the player from view and attaches their camera to a CoreObject, which is controlled by a script which receives input from that player. The example shown is a simple StaticMesh sphere that can move forward, back, left, right, up and down with WASD, Space, and Ctrl, but the possibilities are endless! To use: Drag out Input Handler. This includes the Spawner which spawns a template. You'll want to edit ControlledSphere. Take a look at InputController to understand its behavior, and feel free to reach out to WaveParadigm on Discord with any questions!

Input Manager | By: @WaveParadigm / Game Components, Input

This asset can be used in a variety of ways. First it provides a simple module InputMap which can be required and includes a mapping from all ability names to their human readable counterparts. This combined with InputManager can be used to use human readable key names to refer to ability bindings which some creators might find preferable. This example also spawns an "InputController" for each player who joins. This can be used to have players control other objects or just perform actions on key presses. Check out the InputController script for an example of how to use this template

Shopkeeper [WIP] | By: @Dracowolfie / Game Components, Shop

This is very much a WIP, but it does function completely. This template comes with the basic models for the shopkeeper and table, as well as all the UI, and is scripted to work fully. You can walk up to the shopkeeper and purchase a drink (does nothing right now) and a hat (one TV hat available). Press 1 on the keyboard to increase your currency amount. Better description with a how-to-use coming soon! (Including easier drag-and-drop functionality)

Location based UI info text | By: @Buckmonster / Game Components, UI

Walk into the radius (trigger) and get a UI text element with your pre-defined text information. Contains The following: > UI
- Info Text -
- This folder contains the UI elements Title (which pops up and then disappears) and Text (which will remain on the screen until the player is out of the trigger area) >> Title
- Popup (UI container)
- This is an element that will pop up and then fade out >> Text
- Static (UI container)
- This is an element that will pop up and then stay as long as you are still in the trigger area > Named Location -
- This is the folder that contains the area trigger and the colored ring examples you see. It also gives you the following Custom Properties to define your info text > Custom Properties: >> Title -
- Title, for the popup/fade out title >> TextColor
- The color you want your text to be in both Title and Text elements >> BackgroundColor
- The background color for both Title and Text elements >> TutorialParagraph1-4
- The current way I'm handling text paragraphs. Empty fields won't show Notes: > Using slightly modified Named Location components to create location based info text. > Don't worry about the Title and Text boxes showing up white with black text, just click the eye icon to the right of the folder to hide. Those colors will be overridden by the ones you set on the Named Location folder

Sinister Green Portal | By: @standardcombo / Game Components, Portals

A portal that takes you to another game. Includes VFX when you walk through. Can be configured to transfer players to any game.

Soccer Kit | By: @LuckofBuck / Game Components, Game Kit

A simple kit for making a soccer game. One script that manages the goal state.

Lobby Show/Hide Cube | By: @WaveParadigm / Game Components, Lobby

An object which can be set to be only enabled (or disabled!) while the game is in the Lobby State. Useful to keep players confined to a small space while in the lobby.

Race Goal | By: @WaveParadigm / Game Components, Round End

Ends Round upon someone touching it!

Level Cycler | By: @WaveParadigm / Game Components, Level Cycler

Every time the APIBasicGameState switches back to the lobby, this script will pick a new level! Just lump your level configurations under networked groups named Level1 etc and it will automatically find them and randomly swap them out!"

Destructible Glass Window | By: @Bigglebuns / Game Components, Destructible

Destructible Glass Window using destruction component on the weapon. V1.0.

Shift To Sprint | By: @FmTrick / Game Components, Sprint

Shift to sprint, ctrl to slow walk. Crouch variants available. Customizable speeds via properties.


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Rubik's Cube | By: @Seth / Mini Game, Rubik's Cube

A rubik's cube that can be manipulated by the player. Use 1-9 to manipulate the cube, and L to scramble.


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PlayerVisibilityChecker | By: @zurishmi / Scripting, In View Check

An example script and setup that tracks whether a specific object is in the player's view or not.

SuicideCatcher | By: @WaveParadigm / Scripting, Suicide Penalty

Captures any kills which are Suicides and applies a penalty, allowing for no points, or negative points. Works for both teams and

Friction Override Trigger | By: @WaveParadigm / Scripting, Friction Override

Ground Friction is stored at the player level, not the surface level. Place this trigger over a surface and set the FrictionOverride to, in effect, give the surface a different friction!

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Acorn - Utility Library | By: @Anthony / ,

A handful of functions I find useful, and hopefully you do too! More functions will be added in future releases.

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CORE Buildings Collection | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Collection

A large collection of various buildings for creating cities! Includes multiple residential houses, a large sawmill, mansion, stores, bridge, various ruins, and other assets for quickly creating city.

Sniper Alley Construction Kit | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Construction Kit

Sniper Alley Construction Kit
- Updated 2/28/2020 at 3:20pm
- Includes toggle on 1 to switch from 3rd person to 1st person
- Adds nameplates for other players
- Fixes some issues with weapon scripts
- Fixes material on fountain (RIP asphalt)

Western Pack 1.0 | By: @Anna / Buildings & Structures, Collection

Contains 4 templates with Western building fronts, a wagon wheel, a tumble weed (client context networked), and a trough

Sniper Alley Temple | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Small temple building model used in Sniper Alley.

Sniper Alley Fountain | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Fountain Prop used in the center of Sniper Alley

Gingerbread House Kit | By: @tjarvis / Buildings & Structures, House Kit

Build your own life-sized gingerbread house with this kit! You can build it from scratch, or 'reskin' your current house. Just follow the simple instructions in the README. The doorway piece comes with a working chocolate bar door. Happy holidays!

SniperAlley_FrostyBuilding | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Sniper Alley house model chilled over by the winter

SniperAlley_BuildingConst2 | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Large construction building model from Sniper Alley

SniperAlley_HousesSet | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Collection

House models from Sniper Alley collected as a set of 4

SniperAlley_PalaceMedium | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Medium Palace model built for user (although not used at this time) in Sniper Alley

SniperAlley_BuildingConst1 | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Construction

Construction Building model from Sniper Alley, smaller version

SniperAlley_LargePalace | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Large Palace building model from Sniper Alley!

Sci Fi Walkway | By: @Nezberet / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Sci Fi walkway environment piece.

Floating Foliage Island | By: @ / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Foliage laden rock structure
- great for floating in air or used as a terrain piece.

Floating Enclosed Platform 2 | By: @Nezberet / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Another variation of the floating platfrom

Large Circular Platform | By: @Nezberet / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Large circular platform complete with gardens and lighted elements.

Floating Platform | By: @Nezberet / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Base floating platform complete with thruster set.

Enclosed Floating Platform | By: @Nezberet / Buildings & Structures, Structure

A floating platform with nice central goopy VFX element in a hologrpahic tube. Also comes equipped with thruster VFX with thruster effects.

My Room | By: @Tobs / Buildings & Structures, Building

A room and a few things to furnish it with.

Mausoleum Building | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Building

Stone Mausoleum Building with a gargoyle on top. Comes with double doors, sound, and lighting.

Soccer Stadium | By: @Buckmonster / Buildings & Structures, Stadium

Soccer stadium for Core Soccer.

Farmer Greenhouse | By: @Seth / Buildings & Structures, Building

A greenhouse used for growing a variety of plants and flowers

Farmer Chicken Coop | By: @Seth / Buildings & Structures, Building

A chicken coop used by farmers that have chickens. Has an enterior and exterior area

Futuristic Building | By: @Buckmonster / Buildings & Structures, Building

22 floor futuristic building

Tokyo Tower | By: @toricollins / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Tokyo Tower inspired

Long merchant shop. | By: @AphrimCreates / Buildings & Structures, Building

A big merchant shop.

Crane_reduced | By: @KidEgg / Buildings & Structures, Structure

reduced object count from first version

BG Wreckage Model SF2 | By: @SophiaMakoto / Buildings & Structures, Structure

A simple wreckage piece.

BG Wreckage Model SF1 | By: @SophiaMakoto / Buildings & Structures, Structure

A simple wreckage piece.

Broken Building 2 | By: @mjcortes782 / Buildings & Structures, Building

Broken Building

Broken Building | By: @mjcortes782 / Buildings & Structures, Building

Broken Building

Colosseum | By: @Buckmonster / Buildings & Structures, Colosseum

Updated colosseum with top row added

scifihouse | By: @JaineRoss / Buildings & Structures, Building


APARTMENT - Modular | By: @trimun / Buildings & Structures, Building

Modular apartments

Water Tower | By: @mjcortes782 / Buildings & Structures, Structure

Water Tower, dystopian

train stop | By: @KidEgg / Buildings & Structures, Building


Destoryed Hotel 02 | By: @Caedis / Buildings & Structures, Building

Reupload of damaged hotel

Bridge | By: @SpytekE / Buildings & Structures, Structure

A Stone/Metal Bridge.

Castle (from Galactagib) | By: @Buckmonster / Buildings & Structures, Building

Castle used for Team Blue side of Galactagib CTF game

Flat Building | By: @mjcortes782 / Buildings & Structures, Building

Flat rubble building

Fire_escape | By: @KidEgg / Buildings & Structures, Structure

fire run!

Lighthouse | By: @TSMVayne / Buildings & Structures, Building

Old lighthouse for background

CONSTRUCTION - Modular v2.0 | By: @trimun / Buildings & Structures, Building

Modular construction building scifi, based off the Sniper Alley construction building

Cabin | By: @Drogan / Buildings & Structures, Building

Cabin Asset with fireplace and decorations

Abandoned Station | By: @sniperLink / Buildings & Structures, Building

A Work in Progress Abandoned Station

StoneAssemblyHall | By: @AGrano / Buildings & Structures, Building

Lots of chairs inside. Made to be a place for people to meet up. Made of stone and wood. Made from sniper alley house set.

StoneImportantHouse | By: @AGrano / Buildings & Structures, Building

Big building made of stone and wood. Made from sniper alley house set.

StoneHouseMerchant | By: @AGrano / Buildings & Structures, Building

A house made of stone and wood. Designed to house a merchant. Does not come with a merchant. Made from the sniper alley house set.

Windmill | By: @Joviex / Buildings & Structures, Structure

With sound and animation.

Farmer Barn | By: @Seth / Buildings & Structures, Building

A barn used by farmers

hotel_test | By: @KidEgg / Buildings & Structures, Building


Warehouse Scifi | By: @mjcortes782 / Buildings & Structures, Building


StoneWoodHouse | By: @AGrano / Buildings & Structures, Building

Made of stone and wood. Made for display purposes not interactive. Some stuff inside. One window in the back.

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BFM All-Mid MOBA Community Jam | By: @BFM / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Jam Scene!

MOBACommunityJam_Tile_Set | By: @KidEgg / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Tile-able floor set for MOBA contest (MOBACommunityJam)

All-Mid MOBA Scene TemplateD1 | By: @AGrano / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

For the all-mid Moba community jam. Large Scene

CAH_scene | By: @kj411 / Buildings & Structures, Scenes


All-Mid MOBA Sm Scene Template | By: @Buckmonster / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Core All-Mid MOBA Small Scene Template
- Use this content to create any scene of any theme you wish. See README_SCENE_SMALL.lua for how to use

All-Mid MOBA Lg Scene Template | By: @Buckmonster / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Core All-Mid MOBA Large Scene Template
- Use this content to create any scene of any theme you wish. See the README_SCENE_LARGE.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons

Crypt Hallway | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Spooky Crypt hallway prop with gargoyle fountain

Updated_WorldBlocks | By: @Dracowolfie / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

A series of environment maps of 750x750 with loot spawn points set up. Includes a start section and 2 train stations.

scifihouse | By: @JaineRoss / Buildings & Structures, Scenes


APARTMENT - Modular | By: @trimun / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Modular apartments

patio area | By: @mjcortes782 / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

patio area

Graveyard | By: @Seth / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

A graveyard

SnowyScene | By: @Bigglebuns / Buildings & Structures, Scenes

Small, simple scene with snowfall v1.1

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Spartan Helment (Smithy) | By: @Buckmonster / Costumes,

Grabbed the Spartan helmet off of @Smithy's All-Mid MOBA Community Jam mini-boss entry. Tweaked it a little.

Wolf Hat Wearable | By: @Buckmonster / Costumes,

Wearable Wolf Hat requested by @DesTroyer From an example tower for the All-Mid MOBA Community Jam!

Entity Costume | By: @BFM / Costumes,

I was making a creature for the daily challenge and ended up with this. Does a costume that changes you into a creature count? lol I imgaine this would be perfect for non costumes too like an objective point, a pickup item, many potential uses!

Liberty Torch Equipment | By: @standardcombo / Costumes,

A torch and crown. Demonstrates how two equipments can behave as a single one.

MechaSuit_Update_02 | By: @TSMVayne / Costumes,

Light added to chest for dark map

CORE Aide Guy | By: @Buckmonster / Costumes,

Inspired by Joviex Jammy Guy

Jamsuit | By: @Mucusinator / Costumes,

Forget Spinach, a spoonful of Jam (Or jelly) will make you stronger! so think what a whole jar might do.... Jamsuit that grants the player Increased Health and Movement Currently Armless and without Cape ;o;

Power Glove Costume | By: @just walk up to the mannequin and press F to wear." / Costumes,

A powerglove that can be worn by the player! The costume is attached to the player using the script from Dracowolfie's Buffshroom Suit" in Community Content. To use

The Buffshroom Suit | By: @Dracowolfie / Costumes,

A costume for all your mushroom needs! Fully equippable, just drag it into your scene and walk up to it. Then press F! Feel free to re-use however you like. This was made live on-stream!

Taco Face | By: @Mucusinator / Costumes,

It's simple, a Taco for your Face. Now you can have the same dreamless expressions as Timmy. Walk over and it attaches to your noggin, there's also no known cure.

Secret Identity | By: @Tobs / Costumes,

Oh no it's not me... It's... somone else.

Socket Display | By: @riffraff / Costumes, Modeling

A utility to display socket locations, orientations, and names for each socket on your character. You can toggle the display on and off with the o" key"

Manakin | By: @Joviex / Costumes, Modeling

This is a standard looking artisan pose dummy. It is also a standing dummy that can perform full point weapon testing with physics. The sockets and limbs will light up when taking damage from any object that uses the hitresult system. When fully damaged, parts will detach, begin a respawn timer and reattach when the timer runs out. Damage can be adjusted to provide quicker means of destruction.

mannequin_guy | By: @Sobchak / Costumes, Modeling

This is to help in creating costumes that will need to conform somewhat to the player shape. You can create geometry and tuck it under nodes coresponding to certain parts of the skeleton.

mannequin_gal | By: @Sobchak / Costumes, Modeling

This is to help in creating costumes that will need to conform somewhat to the player shape. You can create geometry and tuck it under nodes coresponding to certain parts of the skeleton.

The Rad Hat Collection | By: @Dracowolfie / Costumes, Modeling

A whole bunch of weird monster hats to wear! Use as a starting point for more costumes, use in a game--whatever you'd like! :smiley: Trypophobia warning I guess??


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NPC AI Kit | By: @standardcombo / NPCs, With Logic

Work-in-progress kit for adding NPCs. Contains:
- Basic enemy with ranged attack
- Rifle that is able to damage NPCs
- Waypoint system for patrols and paths
- Ambush-style spawn camps

MOBA Rock Monster Boss | By: @Liveonnoevil / NPCs, With Logic

This is an entry to the All-Mid MOBA Jam. This Rock monster, once woken by an approaching player, will chase them, kick them, and smash the ground to hurt any player in the area. This template comes with a simple AI to show off the monster's attacks and animations. Packaged animations: -Waiting -Waking -Running -Kicking -Smashing -Dying (Not showcased but can be set up to play)

MOBA Tower/Miniboss | By: @Smithy / NPCs, With Logic

Spartan inspired tower that doubles as a miniboss, take your pick. Comes in orange and blue. NOTE: The TowerLogic script uses broadcast functions that cause every instance of the template to animate, and also makes every state(Full/Damaged/Destroyed) to animate, so some revisions are required.

All-Mid MOBA Tower Template 2 | By: @Buckmonster / NPCs, With Logic

Core All-Mid MOBA Tower Template #2
- Use this template to create your own towers. See the README_TOWER.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons Built from Spell Shock tower.

Faces for Enemy AI States | By: @Buckmonster / NPCs, With Logic

For @standardcombo (Gabe)'s enemy AI series.
- Retreat
- Sleep
- Dead
- Engage
- Attack

All-Mid MOBA MiniBoss Template | By: @Buckmonster / NPCs, With Logic

Core All-Mid MOBA MiniBoss Template
- Use this content to create any scene of any theme you wish. See the README_MINIBOSS.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons. Note: My crystal MiniBoss isn't very creative and could almost be another tower. Use your imagination and bring some life to yours!

All-Mid MOBA Tower Template | By: @Buckmonster / NPCs, With Logic

Core All-Mid MOBA Tower Template
- Use this template to create your own towers. See the README_TOWER.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons

Destructible Turret | By: @BFM / NPCs, With Logic

The turret I made for CORE MOBA! Comes with a readme script, a turret, and a fire staff to destroy it with! Works out of the box, fire at team 0 by deafult

Weird Monkey Toy | By: @Tobs / NPCs, With Logic

Feed me bananas Thank you LuckOfBuck, Joviex, CodeHeavy, and tjarvis for their help with the code! :smiley:

Destructable Drone | By: @Basilisk / NPCs, With Logic

The return of Droney

The Gronch | By: @Dracowolfie / NPCs, With Logic

A might spooky green friend to hang out with. Will steal your Christmas trees.

Pet Rock | By: @Seth / NPCs, With Logic

It's a rock with googly eyes

All-Mid MOBA Minions Template | By: @Buckmonster / NPCs, Models

Core All-Mid MOBA Minions Template
- Use this content to create your own minions. See the README_MINIONS.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons. Fixed.

All-Mid MOBA Boss Template | By: @Buckmonster / NPCs, Models

Core All-Mid MOBABoss Template
- Use this content to create your own big bad. See the README_BOSS.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons.

Manticore | By: @BFM / NPCs, Models

A Manticore!

20Monsters | By: @AGrano / NPCs, Models

Bark, Dragon, Ghost, Lava, Muck, RockBoss, Rock, 3 Flying Skulls, Water, WindBoss, EvilBat, Hydra, LavaBoss, Mouse, MuckBoss, Rock, RockWorm, Slime, WaterBoss, Wind. I threw some code on some of them from CC. Feel free to edit, destroy, change, ect to these creations! Enjoy!!

Wiggle Friend | By: @Dracowolfie / NPCs, Models

Made on-stream to demonstrate some simple animation! Modify variables on the root object to change the way the animation works. Feel free to re-skin as you would like! <3

Mimic Enemy | By: @standardcombo / NPCs, Models

Static model of a Treasure Mimic. No interaction yet.

BirdBoi | By: @Mucusinator / NPCs, Models

Tiny little Blue bird. Has a tongue in the mouth (Do birds have tounges?) and large eyes roughly half the size of its body.

Lizard Friend | By: @Dracowolfie / NPCs, Models

A lizardy-dragon monster model.

GADIG_Chonk_Doggo | By: @RipRedRat / NPCs, Models

The chonkiest boy.

GADIG A Single Rat | By: @Ratcore / NPCs, Models

1 rat with a crown on it

Goblin | By: @MadGrin / NPCs, Models

Based on art from Serenity Rose by Aaron Alexovich

Shark Squad | By: @Dracowolfie / NPCs, Models

I made some shark models! Started with the more realisitc textured one, decided that was boring, and made a funny cartoon one instead. Then, as was proclaimed by destiny, the shark became a bat. And now we have the Shark Attack bat. Doesn't do anything as a weapon yet, but who wouldn't want to just swing a shark around??

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UI Ease Motion Example | By: @riffraff / UI, Animate

This is a template that has example code for manipulating UI elements according to various curves. There is a ReadMe that has some usage tips, as well as comments in the scripts.

Tutorial UI | By: @Gabunir / UI, Popup

Starter template for Tutorial UI. Help users learn how to play your game! Custom parameters for keybinding for toggle and speed.

Adv UI Health Bar [WIP] | By: @Buckmonster / UI, Healthbar

The beginnings of a very configurable standard UI template with profile image and health bar currently working. You can configure:
- General >> Spacing of the entier component >> Turn on and off components included in this template >> You can configure everything on the HealthBarUIAdvanced.lua script (Custom Properties) or you can set via player.clientUserData.healthBarSettings so the entire thing can be configured externally
- Profile images >> Change their frames shapes and colors (3 layers) >> Change the profile image size Note: It turns out the default template works well with solid shapes, but when you start adding outline shapes the spacing gets wonky so I'll add some more templates wtih proper spacing for those types of shapes
- Health Bar >> Full, Med and Low life colors currently set to [Green, Yellow, Red] >> Can lock into one color >> Size of the health bar >> Change frame colors (TODO: Add frame options) >> Use build in progress bar or use custom version
- Health Text >> Set font size >> Set color TODO:
- Distill profile image options into templates that work well
- Add frame options for the health bar
- Add energy/mana bar connected to player resources
- Add other common game elements to the UI system

CountdownAnimated | By: @elliotfiske / UI, Countdown

Dramatic animated countdown for when your match starts! Activate with Events.BroadcastToAllPlayers(StartCountdown")"

Player Inventory UI (Trains) | By: @Dracowolfie / UI, Inventory

UI for grabbing the Gear & Coal resource

Inventory System (WIP) | By: @Seth / UI, Inventory

This is a work in progress inventory that I am publishing to Community Content by request. The primary scripts to look at are ItemTable.lua and InventoryExample.lua This system should work out of the box with the Loot Bag community content.

Online Player Display | By: @Seth / UI, Display

Displays players currently online, as well as their health. The base version of this template supports up to 8 players. If you want more than that, you'll have to edit the script a bit. This is a generalized version of the player list used in World of CoreCraft. Features: -A list of online players that can be toggled open and closed -A player info display with some blank fields that can be used for other stats -Framework for having multiple tabs in the display (though this will require some code setup)

RadarTemplate | By: @Robotron / UI, Radar

Minimap Radar UI for showing other players

Old Treasure Map | By: @Bigglebuns / UI, Map

Old treasure map asset

Map Compass | By: @Bigglebuns / UI, Map

Compass for 3D/2D map asset
- overscaled


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Pulse Scan Effect | By: @standardcombo / Visuals, VFX

The Pulse Scan effect from VFX Demo, extracted into a separate component. Can be fired with key or event broadcast to player(s).

Chain Spawn Equipment | By: @standardcombo / Visuals, VFX

Spawns a chain of objects that form a trail lead by the player who wields the equipment.

Trail Spawner | By: @WaveParadigm / Visuals, VFX

Spawns a trail particle which follows you wherever you go (set a bit below you so it lines up with the ground when using the hoverboard mount), and spawn tiny dust explosions as you move as well.

Flickering Light Script | By: @Lucidish / Visuals, VFX

A basic script and example for flickering lights. Provides a few different types of flicker: Single sin, double sin, random flicker, stepped flicker. Useful for light tubes on the fritz, a campfire, strobes, siren lights etc.

NightVision Post Processes | By: @Basilisk / Visuals, VFX

A set of post process effects to simulate night vision

Seeing Stars VFX | By: @Tobs / Visuals, VFX

A neat little VFX for when your avatar is dazed and confused.

Magical Foggy Sky | By: @WaveParadigm / Visuals, Sky/Atmosphere

A magic looking skybox with stars, planets, a sun, and a special fog cover underneath. Made by Manticore and provided to me!

Train Pain Atmospherics | By: @Bigglebuns / Visuals, Sky/Atmosphere

Train of Pain! Sky and atmospherics.

Radioactive Trip Sky | By: @Dracowolfie / Visuals, Sky/Atmosphere

Just a trippy as heck set of post-process effects stuck together. Mainly for taking weird screenshots. Remove or adjust any of the settings by opening up the folder and looking at the included post-process effects.

Rain and Fiery Sky | By: @Bigglebuns / Visuals, Sky/Atmosphere

Contains two Skies, one with an overcast rainy area, the other with a fiery looking sky. Updated to fix nebula

Spellshock Sky | By: @Bigglebuns / Visuals, Sky/Atmosphere

Spellshock Sky template, drag and drop to replace your current sky! Including lerp script to adjust sky colors based on position of player

Sniper Alley Atmosphere | By: @Bigglebuns / Visuals, Sky/Atmosphere

Sky and atmospherics from Sniper Alley, also including the death post process effect. Make sure to delete your sky first for this to work correctly. V1.1

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Homing Rocket Launcher 2.0 (Aim at target homing) | By: @zurishmi / Weapons/Equip, Weapon+

This fires rockets that move towards the player's crosshair. This currently doesn't function correctly in multiplayer.

Homing Rocket Launcher Example (locked to moving object) | By: @zurishmi / Weapons/Equip, Weapon+

This is a script on a rocket launcher that makes the projectile home towards an object

All-Mid MOBA Hero Kit Template | By: @Buckmonster / Weapons/Equip, Weapon+

Core All-Mid MOBA Hero Kit Template [WIP]
- Use this content to create your own Hero Kit. See the README_HEROKIT.lua for how to use. Hit @Buckmonster up in Discord with any questons. Thanks to @WaveParadigm for help debugging and getting the boop on the E ability working!

Sheatheable Weapon Example | By: @AjArtuz / Weapons/Equip, Weapon+

Using Hidden Dragon tech, You can press E" to sheathe and un sheathe this particular sword"

Flintlock Hunting Rifle | By: @sniperLink / Weapons/Equip, Weapon+

Ever want to shoot a Flintlock Rifle in CORE, but never got the chance to make one Well, now is your time to try out this antique Flintlock Hunting Rifle from the American Revolution Era Pick one up at your nearest CORE Community Content Tab

Weapon Spawner | By: @WaveParadigm / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Want classic arena shooter styled weapon spawns? Look no further! Simply assign a weapon template asset, and a respawn time, and you'll be all set. Your chosen weapon will rotate and bob in place, just like the classics.

CORE Weapons Pack_v2 | By: @Bigglebuns / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

CORE Weapons Pack (version 2) Includes 28 different weapons with tuning and rarity levels, including grenade launchers, rocket launchers, shotguns, sniper rifles, and mroe!

Spellshock Weapons | By: @blackdheart / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Bundle of all the magical weapons from Spellshock game. This package is a neat example of advanced use of Weapon system in Core. You are free to grab, edit, and put these weapons into your games. Note: To see how to setup the weapons, put the template _Spellshock Weapons Example Setup" into the hierarchy and play with the weapons. What's Included:
- Weapons: Fire Staff, Ice Sword, Poison Crossbow, Lightning Gauntlet and Rock Hammer
- Objects: Effect System Effect Annoncer and Abilities UI
- Example setup template"

BMB Weapons Set Volume 1 | By: @Mucusinator / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Beefy Mc Beefy Laser Weapons for all! 15 Weapons
- (6 of which are kitted variants that are just cosmetic) VFX ring around the base that disappears on pickup Projectile based Also contains the black and red Laser Assault variant Built and modified from the Railgun by Nezberet Laser Assault Rifle (LAR) -
- The base rifle weapon, fires fairly slowly (especially compared to the rest) but deals a fair amount of damage) Light Laser Assault Rifle (LLAR) -
- Fires faster than the LAR but deals less damage Light Laser Assault Carbine (LLAC) -
- Is more consistent in fire spread but with a lower overall accuracy Laser Sub Machine Gun (LSMG) -
- Fast firing, Low damage, useful for spraying and praying Laser Machine Gun (LMG) -
- Fast firing gun with alot of ammo but with the longest reload of all the weapons Laser Pistol (LP) -
- The base semi automatic handgun Laser Revolver (LR) -
- Slow firing weapon with a heavy hitting amount of damage Laser Machine Pistol (LMP) -
- Stupidly fast firing weapon with a low accuracy and damage rate

Railgun | By: @Nezberet / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Railgun like weapon complete with vfx and pew pew sound effect.

Blunderbuss | By: @KidEgg / Weapons/Equip, Weapon


Danmaku Cannon | By: @AjArtuz / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

It's a minigun which overheats with use. Missing SFX. Needs more testing for bugs.

Weapon Vacuum | By: @myeung / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Weapon Vacuum

No Portals Cube | By: @WaveParadigm / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

A Static Mesh with a small script overriding its color to Black. For use along with the Portal Gun CC asset. Static Meshes overriden to black can not have portals placed on them.

Portal Fizzler | By: @WaveParadigm / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

For use alongside the Portal Gun asset. Walking through this will destroy portals placed by the given user.

Portal Gun | By: @WaveParadigm / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

The Manticore Science Portal Gun is a powerful device capable of creating interconnected Portals any player can pass through. Portals will conserve momentum and can be seen through as expected. Currently the only way to destroy a Portal is to have the player leave, or for them to place a new one.

Red Plasma Blade | By: @Buckmonster / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

[WIP] Red Plasma Blade
- Left Click = 2 chained slashes
- Right Click = Block, which sets a is_blocking resource flag that you can use on the damage end (if they're blocking reduce the outbound damage)
- Q = jab
- E = Overhead Slash TODO:
- Add optional deflection (already have it working, just need to get it packaged as optional
- Tune the different attacks timing and damage
- Add UI elements to reflect all attacks and cooldowns
- Add easy option to change colors Inspired by Beekzor's Red Laser Sword and mrbigfists katana from Hidden Dragon (actually grabbed that sword for the chainned attacks in there)

Cupcake Grenade | By: @Tobs / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Tired of boring grenades? Celebrating a special occasion? Going to war? Try the Cupcake Grenade! Featuring a rainbow projectile trail with sparkles and a confetti explosion with plenty of sprinkles
- killing your enemies has never been this much fun... or this delicious!

Flamethrower | By: @Bigglebuns / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

It's a fiery flamethrower! Use with static player equipment to attach to player.

Flamethrower_v2.1 | By: @Bigglebuns / Weapons/Equip, Weapon


BMB Orbital Yeet Cannon | By: @Mucusinator / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Beefy Mc Beefy Orbital Yeet Cannon
- They think it's just a baguette, but you know the truth. Call upon lasery death from above and yeet your enemies out of existence.

BMB RED Laser Assault Rifle | By: @Mucusinator / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Red variation

Ray Gun | By: @Tobs / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Pew pew pew

Thunder Sword | By: @Nezberet / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

High fantasy weapon with plasma vfx!

The Carlos Blade | By: @standardcombo / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

A sword created by Carlos Barros and weaponized by standardcombo.

Jump Gun | By: @WaveParadigm / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

A gun with 9999 ammo, that spawns no projectiles, and adds a vertical impulse to the player upon firing. Reloading is disabled. Modify JumpGunStrength" to change how strong the kick from the gun is! Direction fired does not matter."

AntiGravity Gun | By: @Chris / Weapons/Equip, Weapon

Gun that createss antigravity fields. Created for CORE daily challenge #1! Note: You'll need to set your player movement setteings to have some water buoyancy for this to work, since that's how the antigravity effect happens. I recommend values of around 2.

Jetpack | By: @Joviex / Weapons/Equip, Equipment

Mark 1 prototype for a device that will propell players. Standard controls (WASD) allow you to run around. Pressing CTRL+WASD will fire the thrusters. Jumping is disabled when the jetpack is equiped (Change the player settings to suit your needs). This model includes: Adjustable thrust rates Fuel burn/regen rates Fuel limiter to auto-shut down engine on fuel == bingo Animated Engine cowlings (independant; based on thrust) Timeline scaling for the cowling extension and retraction animations Sounds for various start/stop and thust modes VFX to show thrust positions and fuel levels

Fantasy Loot Bag | By: @standardcombo / Weapons/Equip, Equipment

A fully functional loot pickup. Comes with low and high pickup animations and effects. Grants gold resources by default, but the custom property can be changed to grant any resource type. Easy to use, just drop into a level or spawn as a reward.

Grapple Equipment | By: @markhenry64 / Weapons/Equip, Equipment

E to use

Health Pack | By: @Anthony / Weapons/Equip, Equipment

A healing heart that floats and spins! How to configure: The HealthPack folder has three custom properties that you can change: • float CooldownTimer
- the amount of time before the health pack respawns • float HealAmount
- the amount of health the player will restore • int NumberOfUses
- the amount of times this health pack can be collected before disappearing completely (-1 == never disappears)

Bear Trap | By: @AjArtuz / Weapons/Equip, Interactable

Simple trap that has a setup time to trigger.

Advanced Res/Pickup Challenge | By: @Buckmonster / Weapons/Equip, Interactable

Slightly more advanced resource/pickup examples and challenge. Sounds and VFX need some work so make your own! See README_CHALLENGE for the challenge.

Spike Trap | By: @codeHeavy / Weapons/Equip, Interactable

Spike trap the damages a all players that stand on it

Disc Wars Disc | By: @Buckmonster / Weapons/Equip, Models

Disc for upcoming Disc Wars game

Laser Beam Turret SF4 | By: @SophiaMakoto / Weapons/Equip, Models

A simple turret on pivot.

Laser Beam Turret Model SF3 | By: @SophiaMakoto / Weapons/Equip, Models

A simple turret on pivot.

Laser Beam Turret Model SF2 | By: @SophiaMakoto / Weapons/Equip, Models

A simple turret on pivot.

Laser Beam Turret Model SF1 | By: @SophiaMakoto / Weapons/Equip, Models

A simple turret on pivot.

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PROPS (Vehicles, Things, Decorations)

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Spellshock Props and Sky | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Collection

Collection of Spellshock visual assets including most props, atmospherics, and buildings

SniperAlley_VariousProps | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Collection

Various props from Sniper Alley including:
- Shipping Containers
- Garbage Pile
- Large and Small planters
- Town walls

Bunny Pod Space Fighter | By: @Nezberet / Props, Vehicle

Bunny Pod space ship template.

Sniper Alley Aircrafts | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Vehicle

Aircrafts from Sniper Alley including the dual Helicopters and A10 Warthogs, used for atmospheric effects (not gameplay at the moment).

JEEPERS! | By: @Twixler / Props, Vehicle

A detailed 2door Jeep with a Lift. Seats Two. Part YJ and part Renegade.

Mantichopper | By: @Buckmonster / Props, Vehicle

Mantichopper, my first attempt at creating a vehicle inspired by @Twixler (Robin's) JEEPERs release (and borrowed some parts from it)

Baloon Blitz | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Vehicle

Hot air balloon

Light Cycle and Plane | By: @BFM / Props, Vehicle

Light Cycle and plane models Based on the Tron films.

Train (Networked) | By: @Drogan / Props, Vehicle

A train to make your get away on!

Train Horn SFX and Lever | By: @deadlyfishes / Props, Vehicle

A train horn blast SFX with trigger lever

Steam Train Engine SFX Logic | By: @deadlyfishes / Props, Vehicle

SFX Logic for Steam Train

Spaceship_Ng | By: @TSMVayne / Props, Vehicle


FixedSpaceship | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Vehicle

Spaceship 2

Satellite1 | By: @JustianXXIII / Props, Vehicle

A sattelite/space ship model

MBF Biplane | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Vehicle


Cartoon Rocket | By: @Anthony / Props, Vehicle

We're going on a trip! Currently doesn't fly, but it sure looks fly!

Gondola Ski Lift | By: @Drogan / Props, Vehicle-ish

Use this Gondola to get between places! There is a portal inside the door so you can teleport somewhere else! (Lift not included yet)

Ladder | By: @Drogan / Props, Interactable

Moves you up the ladder using an invisible block, Made by Gabe Santos.

Crafting Resources Pickups Set | By: @deadlyfishes / Props, Interactable

A simple collection of common crafting resources with small, medium and large variants

Deck of Cards | By: @Seth / Props, Things

A full deck of 52 playing cards.

Chess Set | By: @Seth / Props, Things

A full chess set. Contains the following templates: Bishop
- White Bishop
- Black King
- White King
- Black Knight
- White Knight
- Black Queen
- White Queen
- Black Rook
- White Rook
- Black Pawn
- White Pawn
- Black

DnD D12 | By: @BananaKing932 / Props, Things

A D12 die based on Dungeons and Dragons.

Interactive Keyboard | By: @Seth / Props, Things

A giant keyboard that highlights the keys the local player is currently pressing

Barbed Wire | By: @JaineRoss / Props, Things

Barbed Wire

Generator | By: @mjcortes782 / Props, Things


Oxygen_Tank_004 | By: @JaineRoss / Props, Things

Oxygen Tank

Oxygen_Tank_002 | By: @JaineRoss / Props, Things

Oxygen Tank

Sandbags_001 | By: @JaineRoss / Props, Things


Gold Trophy | By: @Tobs / Props, Things

This trophy is for W I N N N E R S only.

Question Mark Block | By: @Neko / Props, Things

From Super mario bros. 3. old model but here ya go

Coryola Crayons | By: @Joviex / Props, Things

Every monkey needs a good set of tools! Pick your's up today! Scaled to human" size for in game prop use."

Blackboard | By: @Joviex / Props, Things

Simple classroom blackboard (chaulkboard) for all your teaching needs

Holiday Bow | By: @Basilisk / Props, Things

A festive holiday bow

Rubber Ducky | By: @ittybitty / Props, Things

Rubber Ducky

Potions | By: @Anthony / Props, Things

What do you think happens when you drink these strange elixirs?

Dance Dance | By: @Tobs / Props, Things

A lovely square with arrows on it.

Camping Tent | By: @tjarvis / Props, Things

Standard one person camping tent.

Tracking Spotlight | By: @Mucusinator / Props, Functional

A Spotlight that will horizontally track a target (You've got to drag'n drop an asset for it to track) Pathway in the folder structure to the script is: TrackingSpotlight/UpperHalf/UpperCoreProperPivot Bootlegged from a turret prototype with a spotlight slapped on top

Boombox | By: @Chipnertkj / Props, Decoration

A pretty basic boombox model.

Candelabra Prop | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Decoration

Candelabra Prop with candles, light, and flickering script. Also includes minor SFX.

Portrait of a Young Tobs | By: @Tobs / Props, Decoration

A self portrait of the artist as a young human being.

Char that you can sit in | By: @AjArtuz / Props, Decoration

Literally a chair that has a press F to sit". Uses ragdoll to get a "fairly accurate" type of sitting pose."

Fountain | By: @mjcortes782 / Props, Decoration

Fountain WOW

Game Console | By: @Seth / Props, Decoration

A game console

Planter | By: @mjcortes782 / Props, Decoration


Oil Lamp Equipment | By: @standardcombo / Props, Decoration

Can be used as equipment or decoration. Comes with an ability to turn the light on/off. Default ability binding is Secondary Ability (Right-click).

Cactus | By: @Drogan / Props, Decoration


Stone Well | By: @Seth / Props, Decoration

A wishing well for getting water

Combo by Smithy | By: @Smithy / Props, Decoration

An art piece of a universal couple

Sheepies in Repose by Tobs | By: @Tobs / Props, Decoration

The result of a great struggle by the artist. The humble muse of the sheep provided solace in a time of depression.

Piano | By: @Joviex / Props, Decoration

A simple piano with stand

Lost Treasure | By: @Joviex / Props, Decoration

Living Artwork for hanging in any virtual gallery. It emotes the themes of avarice and loss and the anxiety values society places upon economic wealth. Or just a kick ass picture.

Still Life Fruits Painting | By: @Fyda / Props, Decoration

A painting of a bowl of fruits, made out of text shapes.

Tree Redwood Big (with FX) | By: @tjarvis / Props, Decoration

Big redwood tree with falling leaves FX and rustling leaves sounds when a player gets close enough.

Tree Redwood Medium (with FX) | By: @tjarvis / Props, Decoration

Medium redwood tree with falling leaves FX and rustling leaves sounds when a player gets close enough.

Tree Redwood Small (with FX) | By: @tjarvis / Props, Decoration

Small redwood tree with falling leaves FX and rustling leaves sounds triggered when a player gets close enough.

Chaotic Motion Sculpture | By: @MadGrin / Props, Decoration

Randomly-driven smooth rotation.

Snowy Bush and Rock | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Decoration

Snowy Bush and Rock

MBF Christmas Tree | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Decoration

Christmas Tree

MBF Retro TV | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Decoration

Retro Television

Future chair | By: @Smithy / Props, Decoration

If you ever feel the need to get the latest technological innovation, you've got it. Here's THE chair. Yes, the chair.

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PROPS (Kitchen/Food/Cooking & Street)

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Chocolate Frosted Donut | By: @Seth / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

A chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles

Boiling Pot | By: @Seth / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

A pot of boiling water. Perfect for a kitchen or cooking scene

Speed Sports Drink | By: @rsousa / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Just like the speed Crystal but it's Gatorade

Cupcake Grenade | By: @Tobs / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Tired of boring grenades? Celebrating a special occasion? Going to war? Try the Cupcake Grenade! Featuring a rainbow projectile trail with sparkles and a confetti explosion with plenty of sprinkles
- killing your enemies has never been this much fun... or this delicious!

Baguette | By: @Tobs / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Maybe pair it with some wine and cheese?

MBF Retro Oven | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Retro Oven

MBF Retro Refrigerator | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Retro Refrigerator

MBF Retro Furniture Set | By: @mrbigfists / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Retro Set Includes Retro TV Retro Couch Retro Kitchen Cabinets Retro Refrigerator Retro Oven Retro Toaster

Hamburger | By: @tjarvis / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

A hamburger model complete with a fully modeled hamburger bun, patty, lettuce, and almost believable tomato slices.

TimmyTheTinyTaco | By: @Mucusinator / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

- 3 days Likes
- Long walks on the beach, Melted Cheese Dislikes
- Becoming soggy and stale, Mince meat oil A tiny taco with a face, limbs and absolutely no helpful pivot points. An avid protester against taco tuesdays.

Bento Box | By: @Squirtle / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Salmon Bento Box

Vegan Meatball Banh Mi | By: @Aldure / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

An order of Vegan Meatball Banh Mi! Created for the Daily Challenge 12-12-19.

Basic White Plate | By: @Aldure / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Just a plate!

Ice Cream! | By: @Anthony / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Chocolate, vanilla, fudge, and strawberry!

Condiments | By: @tjarvis / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, and mayonnaise.

Banana Taped to Wall | By: @Tobs / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

$125,000, please don't eat.

Hot Dog | By: @tjarvis / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

Yummy grilled hotdog.

Park Grill | By: @tjarvis / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

An interactable park grill. If you turn it on, you enable the fire, sound, embers, hotdogs and burgers! Can disable interaction. Can set default to ON or OFF.

Picnic Table | By: @tjarvis / Props, Food/Kitchen/Cooking

For all of your outdoorsy gatherings.


Thumnail Info

Simple Sports Scoreboard | By: @Buckmonster / Sports, Display

Sports scoreboard with 2 teams and digital style numbers

Archery Target | By: @Seth / Sports, Target

A wooden target used for archery


Thumnail Info

Rail Road Crossing Sign | By: @Neko / Props, Street

Part of my street set 4/???

Mailbox | By: @tonyleech / Props, Street

You know, for writing home

Traffic Light 2Way | By: @standardcombo / Props, Street

Based on the original Traffic Light by Neko. Restructured, resized and added controller logic.

Diamond Street Sign | By: @Neko / Props, Street

fixed because beam was out a little bit so here

Stop Sign | By: @Neko / Props, Street

Simple but useful, heres a simple stop sign.

Trash | By: @JaineRoss / Props, Street


powerline | By: @KidEgg / Props, Street


Fountain | By: @mjcortes782 / Props, Street

Fountain WOW

patio area | By: @mjcortes782 / Props, Street

patio area

dumpster_open | By: @KidEgg / Props, Street


Rickety Wooden Fence | By: @Tobs / Props, Street

The perfect fence to complete your idylic scene. Fence is 3m long, turn grid on and set grid size to 100 to easily place a line of fences.

Victorian Fence | By: @Bigglebuns / Props, Street

Prop fence

Market Stall | By: @Seth / Props, Street

A market stall for selling your wares.


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