Combining Core with Blockchain / Crypto

We are building an NFT Crypto Game on Unity but our dev time and cost will take way too long and cost 2 arms and a leg.

I want to discus the following with MantiCore but support staff have no idea what I am talking about and the 5 mods I have tried to contact on discord isn't responding.

Our players will purchase and trade their NFT's outside of the game, first they will Mint/purchase it on our website and then they can trade on something like this once they own a NFT and linked their metamask wallet with their core profile we will run a script that will give them access to the NFT's that they own in the game.

I do understand that core does not allow or consent to sales of game content externally but this will be our content that we sell and then provide users away of using it in the game.

If this still falls under the same category then I would like to setup a meeting with cores legal team to discuss the matter of external sales further.

Thank you

Hi Dominus - it ultimately comes down to what "give them access to NFTs that they own in the game" means. If you are generating content in Core or affecting the experience through a purchase they made outside of Core, then it constitutes selling in-game content while off platform, which our TOS does not currently allow.

Hey there! I stumbled upon this thread and was curious to see how your NFT Crypto Game on Unity is coming along. I know it can be a challenge to balance dev time and cost, especially in the world of blockchain and crypto.
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It's a shame that you've had trouble getting in touch with MantiCore and their support staff. Have you tried reaching out to any other communities or forums for advice on how to proceed with your external sales?