Clarification of storage limitations

I've read this in the documentation several times trying to specifically understand the exact limitations:

"Core storage allows a maximum of 16Kb (16384 bytes) of encoded data to be stored. Any data exceeding this limit is not guaranteed to be stored and can potentially cause loss of stored data. Exceeding the limit will cause a warning to be displayed in the event log when in preview mode."

So, 16kb?

Per player?
Per entry? (,
Per game?

Sorry, there are many pretty vague explanations in the documentation, and it makes it hard to plan for certain things, if someone who knows for sure, or maybe even a manticore dev could clarify so I know exactly what I'm working with I would be infinitely grateful!

each game for the player is allocated 16 kilobytes of memory storage. And there is also shared storage which can hold 8 keys (16*8=128 kilobytes) which can transfer data to different game of the current game creator.

Ok, so its per player.

Thank you!