Chicote do Demônio

GAME NAME: * Demon's Whip *
PLAYER COUNT: number of players to play and optimal players 12
GAME VERSION: 1.0.100 please update
GAME LINK: Demon's Whip by mgocbr - Core Games *


  • Demon's Whip is a true big open-world action MMORPG with a dark theme, has the purpose of being a difficult and challenging game. Join friends to slay epic monsters and demons across the huge dark kingdom, plunder the best battle equipment and fight against unprecedented evil. Demon's Whip brings exciting PvP and PvE battles to every corner of the world, realistic combat, unique universe with its demonic history and memorable characters, faction intrigue, struggles to control ancient castles and villages, exploration, many enemies, engaging crafting system and much more!
    NOTE: The game is in the early stages of development (Alpha) and will be progressively updated to create the entire atmosphere I planned. Ideas and suggestions are welcome!
    My Discord Discord


  • The game has an advanced difficulty, but as you evolve, you become much more powerful.
  • Killing enemies gives you weapons and equipment, as well as items to improve.
  • To manipulate the items, just drag them inside the menus.
  • To sell items drag to the bottom of the inventory
  • Backpacks increase your inventory space
  • MagicShard improve their equipment
  • MagicPearl release extra improvements when needed
  • TeleportScroll gives you a quick trip to one of the factions
  • The game has a PvP and PvE system simultaneously, you will be randomly assigned to one of the two factions each time you enter the game (Human or Demon)
  • It has a system of thirst and hunger, the food for now is found in campfires with a pan, just plunder them.
  • The first portal keeps you within the limits of the village and the castle, after reaching the required level, you can explore the entire open world.
    *** Game still in development. There will be bugfixes and implementations of many new features, like more add-ons for the huge map. New BETA system of hunger and thirst. New BETA PvP system.*


log of your game's version notes, copy from game page. example:
1.0.0 - Initial release


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That looks amazing.

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thank you so much! when you can, go to the game to see how the project is going! :smiley: