Characters are moonwalking away

My hostile npc's will start aggroing towards me then just start moonwalking in to the sunset. Why is this happening?

You have a map with nav mesh. The NPCs try to stay on the nav mesh. There are 3 solutions:

  1. this is an outdoor game with terrain. Delete the nav mesh completely.
  2. this is an indoors game, with rooms and hallways. Add nav mesh rectangles to the entire map.
  3. this is a hybrid game, with some orthogonal spaces as well as organic terrain. Surround the nav mesh with a "nav mesh zone".
    Note: if you started the project from the Dungeon Crawler framework, then you probably have version 0.9 of the NPC kit, which is outdated. Use option 2, or start a new project from the NPC kit v1.0 that can be found in Community Content or Community Projects. If you try to import v1.0 on top of DC framework, it won't work unless you clean out all the old 0.9, not worth the effort. If you want the character designs from DCF you need to rebuild them in v1.0. You can copy over only the meshes-- do not mix old and new versions of the kit. v1.0 is only compatible with v0.11 and forward.