Changing Materials and Colors of an Object according to the Team

Hello everyone,

I did some quite complex objects and vehicles and want to have them in team colors in game. But not the default colors, but some that fit more to the scenario. And I do not want to change the complete model to team colors, only certain parts.

I could do this per script and per part. Is there a way to change a complete material template for all objects in the scene depending on the team? Or can I change somehow all parts in a folder or in a group or merged model? Or do you have a quite better idea what I can do?

Thank you so much in advance!

I think you are looking for this: Custom Materials in Core - Core Documentation

I have also used a script to tint merged models based on object names, here is an example (so this is client side with the merged model as the first child of the script):

local mergedModel = script:FindChildByName("MergedModel")
local childObjects = mergedModel:GetChildren()

local baseColor = Color.New(0.910, 0.670, 0.200)
local darkColor = Color.New(baseColor.r * 0.5, baseColor.g * 0.5, baseColor.b * 0.5)
local lightColor = Color.New(baseColor.r * 1.5, baseColor.g * 1.5, baseColor.b * 1.5)

for _, object in ipairs(childObjects) do
    if == "VaryColor" then
    elseif == "DarkColor" then
    elseif == "LightColor" then

Sorry, I've just hacked this out of my script and tried to simplify it, hopefully it still works, or at least shows an option for you.

If you want to color material Trims etc. I guess you can also do that by grabbing the separate material slots using some of the code in that documentation I linked you to.

This is working wonderful! Thank you so much RedQuad!

I can at least work with the tinting. Will have some trials on altering this solution to exchange the material. :wink: