Cannot send events between scripts

I'm trying to make a game, and am trying to get one script to trigger a function in another script. In the script that triggers the event there is an Events.Broadcast() and in the script with the function to trigger there is a Events.Connect() at the end of the script (after the function).

Hey @LittleBit!

You can use script.context for that, but you need to reference the other script first.

Then you can do: script.context:MyFunction()

The other way is working with broadcasts like you mentioned. You just need to care about the rate limit (usually not a problem) and in which context you want to broadcast (client - server).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I think you can do this too:

in your script 1 send you the info (ClientContext) :


Then you create a new script you put this in to receive :

function Example1client(player)
Events.Connect("Example1client", Example1client)

If you want to do it in server I think you have to replace with this: :

-Events.ConnectForPlayer("Example2server", Example2server)