Can spreadsheets be imported?

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to import data from a spreadsheet, like Google docs, or even CSV(comma separated value, I believe it is), and bring it into Core as a table to use.

I'd like to make a trivia game with a number of right and wrong answers for a lot of different questions, and being able to add information outside of core would be very helpful and speed up the process greatly.

Thank you in advance.

I don't see why not. You can have a file with the CSV and use a Lua script to parse it's information into a table.

I'm not familiar with what it means to 'parse'. My programming skills are limited, and I can't find any parse info on the Core website. Do you know of a tutorial or something that explains the process?

Thanks for the reply.

Oh it's more of a programming term. Here is a complete answer: What exactly does 'parsing' mean in programming? - Quora
But I like this part:

Usually we use the term “parsing” when referring to data provided by users or programmers. If a data structure is “serialized” into some form (such as JSON, YAML, or XML) and then “deserialized” back into the same (or equivalent) data structure, that’s referred to as serialization .. ser/deser … or “pickling” by people with familiarity in Python.

I think there is a CC (Community Content) that does exactly this. But not sure, I didn't use it yet.
Look for NicholasForeman's JSON Decode/Encode