Can i publish a game on steam?

So, ive been into creating a game a lot in the past year, and i have tested unity and ue4. Im currentlly working on eu4 because i know that i can publish a game on steam, even though i dont plan to sell it (free to play). I really want to publish a game on steam and core looks amazing to develop games. Please tell me that i can publish a game on steam :sweat::sweat::sweat:

No - Core is its own platform for publishing games. Anything created on Core can only be published on Core and no other parties.

No matter how perfect the Core system is. Unfortunately one day it will collapse. Because its logic is simple. Let the developer publish the game and provide the necessary conditions for micropayments. Without these conditions, the developer can never make money.
Core games must have a paid option. Developers should be ready to make money as soon as they release the game. It should not meet any conditions. Distribution of 50% Dividend should never happen. This is too high. Recently, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the Apple store to get rid of the 30% dividend. And they won.

Whoever is the Core Games board of directors, please read this article. Please do not limit your platform. Restricting such a platform is a big mistake. Release the developers. Create a paid option for them. In return, developers can create their games. It would be fun to put it on platforms like Steam or epic games. When starting the game, add a text that says it was done without writing code with CORE Games on the login screen. This way it will catch the attention of all developers. However, as such, a real developer would never consider using this platform. Because you want to make money, but making money is actually impossible. It's impossible to win a million dollars with this game. If yes, please indicate an example. No game made with Core games has been able to become popular because of this.

Well. . .

It seems core has been around for about a year now, and it has grown considerably in that time, its player base as well as its developer base has grown exponentially in that time as well. They have released patches at a very considerably rate that have major additions not just some hot fixes.

They use a gold standard engine, which if you have done the research, charge some heafty royalties to developers who use it, not just a one time fee. As a stand alone developer this means that anything you make while your game runs on this engine you will be paying a portion of your net to the engine itself, as well as any fees associated with using the engine. And if you need anything extra, that as well is going to cost you. Then there are fees associated with charging your playerbase, credit card processors, I can go on and on, I have looked in to it thoroughly, not to mention little to no support from the engine, and you will have to succumb to all of you own code, debugging, etc etc

Has anyone made a million dollars? No, lol, of course not, but if you were to bust all this out on your own, unless you have a massive team that will be doing all of your own code, art, animation, marketing (again, I could just keep going) then you wont be making a million dollars either.

As an example blizzard had countless games out before they had a game that made them a sizable profit, and even with world of warcraft they spent years going over hurdles just to keep up with payroll for their employees, much less profitable income for the company itself.

Honestly you dont sound like you have much of an idea of what you are talking about, you think you do, but it seems to me, you only see dollar signs and that is limiting your ability to properly research exactly what all goes in to developing and releasing a game on your own. I dont think you are comprehending the fact that the core engine is cutting out a massive amount of things that hinder the normal person from reaching the full potential of their ideas and putting them in to a game that doesn't look like or play like it was made from some free online tools that have little functionality.

Your perception is flawed, not core.

Good luck with your future endeavors, I hope you actually do your research and realize that if you could do all of this without core and make a million dollars, then you wouldn't have to post this here, instead you and your team would have a contract with a larger corporation and you would be able to pay them, your employees, and be able to put food on your table.

If you didn't want to read all that, I can sum it all up below:

Lmfao, whatever.

What the fuck are you talking about? All he asked was whether Core games could be published on Steam. Why'd you go on this whole tirade about how wrong he is?