Can I change the key binding for the vehicle's handbrake?

Is it possible to override the key bindings for the Vehicle?

For the Core Traffic Jam, I created a vehicle obstacle course (vobby?). The game has bicycles (based on the Core vehicle system) that can jump/bunny hop. Ideally, I would have liked to bind the jumping ability to the spacebar, but this is bound to the vehicle's handbrake by default.

Is there some way that I could either remove the handbrake ability from the vehicle (via a script) or catch the keypress event, and stop it from being caught by another script etc that would allow me to bind spacebar to my jump ability instead?

I understand that one solution would be to ask the users' to rebind their keys in the settings (I think that it's great that this feature has now been added to Core), but I see it as more of a last resort.

Thanks for your help