Button GUI Help

Hello, I am a Roblox developer and have heard a lot of good things about core, I started playing around on it and I like it and would like to switch from Roblox to Core, but I thought that moving over to core would be easier but I feel like I did when I first started developing in Roblox. Any ways I'm trying to make a team switch GUI with buttons, but I don't know how to unlock the mouse so you can click them. Is this possible, if not what would be a good alternative?

Any and all help is appreciated!

Have a good day/night.

I dont know roblox ( i come from Unreal) , maybe other could answer better than me but... in ue/core you can move/resize/group tabs not buttons (this is really helpuf) if you wanted to mean that...

Hi, welcome to the community :wave:

Yes, it is possible to achieve what you want to do (if I've understood you correctly) - an example of a game in which the mouse cursor can be unlocked, so that you can click on UI buttons is Dragon's End DnD (where you can press 'x' to show the cursor).

I can't speak to how they have implemented this, but there are a couple of UI functions that could be used to achieve what you want to do:

  • UI.SetCursorVisible
  • UI.SetCanCursorInteractWithUI

I hope that helps you get started.

Thank you!