Bullets n BBQ Deathmatch

GAME LINK: Bullets n BBQ by Utterly - Core Games

*A small, fun and fast Deathmatch map set in a BBQ shed where you have been shrunk to the size of a rat.

Jump pads throughout the map allow fast access to all the different levels and add a craziness to moving and shooting. Start out with a knife, pistol and automatic rifle, then find more weapons around the map. Don't waste those shoots, each weapon only has one clip of ammo before you need to find another weapon. Tired of that "click" "click" "click" of no bullets? Get the Extra Ammo Perk and get an extra clip of ammo for each weapon

Originally released as RATS in the SHED.

Map has been live since Nov 2020.
Part of the Utterly Deathmatch Arena, a three map rotation of:
Bullets n BBQ
Guardhouse 5
Carpark Wars

Release 1.0.74 - Jul 29, 2021
Added a daily logon reward. Players earn 150 Reward Points each day for playing this game.
Reward limited to once per day.

Release 1.0.73 - Jul 8, 2021
Fixed player missing their head when in Victory screen

Release 1.0.71 - May 6, 2021
Replaced all weapons with updated versions. New models , damage and effects
Added sprint/stamina
Added ammo refill point on top of BBQ

Release 1.0.64 - Apr 30, 2021
Update RotateMaps script to include the new Carpark Wars map

Release 1.0.62 - Apr 17, 2021
Extra Ammo perk now active
15 day version costs 100
Permanent version costs 200

Release 1.0.59 - Apr 15, 2021
New default loadout (knife, pistol and automatic rifle)
New limited ammo system - one clip only for all weapons except pistol (and knife ).
Extra Ammo perk coming soon.
New Help UI.
Tweaked weapons.
Moved all spawns from prev dropping from roof to scattered around level.

Release 1.0.58 - Apr 9, 2021
Fix - weekly leaderboards no longer show historical score after weekly wipe.
New - kills, deaths and KDR now shown in leaderboard
New - UI now shows ammo carried. Prep for upcoming change.

Release 1.0.48
Retired broken Daily leaderboard and converted Global leaderboard to Weekly

Release 1.0.47
Added some collision meshes into firebox
Retired Santa hat

To do.
Update weapons to use the recently updated advanced weapons.
Resolve floating weapons in FPV
Create lobby area as jump off point to this and future maps
Resize play area based on number of players
Replace weapon dispensers with some more fitting with level.
Address broken Daily leader boards.
Fix sterile look to mid and upper levels

Release 1.0.46
Moved spawn points from on floor to mid-air, with players now dropping into level.
Added visual countdown to level start.
Reduced size of Help screen and moved to right side of screen.

Release 1.0.45
Victory screen at round end.
Moved spawn points from on floor to mid-air, with players dropping into level.
Added visual countdown to level start
Reduced size of Help screen and moved to right side of screen
Improved player movement by adding invisible colliders
Tweaked jump pad strength, number and placement

release 1.0.42
Enabled victory screen.

release 1.0.41
Another attempt to resolve sniper scope fails to zoom if player view (1st <-> 3rd) changes.

release 1.0.40
Changed name from "RATS in the SHED" to Bullets n BBQ". Updated title screenshot.

release 1.0.36
Fixed bug where sniper scope fails to zoom if player view (1st <-> 3rd) changes after picking up weapon.

Release 1.0.34
Optimisation - reduced collisions
Modified WeaponAimScopeClient.lua to resolve conflict with 1st to 3rd person view toggle
Cosmetic tweaks

release 1.0.32
Fixed player model going invisible after picking up weapon.

release 1.0.30
Removed some jump pads and added others.
Reduced power of jump pads
Improved player movement/flow around BBQ

release 1.0.26
Meshes merged

release 1.0.25
Enabled 1st to 3rd person view toggle. Thanks to Hani for the CC
Improved the Help screen.
Tweaked audio on one of the jump pads

release I. 0.24
Change weapon audio
Increased range that shots are heard from

release I. 0.22
Added warning that daily leaderboard is unstable.
Added critters
Turned off mounts
Improved audio for jump pads
Tweaked position of jump pad under chimney

release 1.0.19
Added hat rack and Santa's hat
Added leader board (Daily and Global)
Added decals to floor to add dirt and scuffs etc
Increased health from health packs from 35 to 45

release 1.0.17
Reduce number of jump pads
tweaked scaling on jump pad material
Turn off collision for health pack model (heart)
Add shelf under leaderboard



Thanks to the following for their Community Content:
Chaz Scholton (XRStudio) - XRS Scope AIM Module
Flex – Cowboy hat
Togagames – Jump pad script
Jackboyman – Health packs
Ittybitty – Rubber Ducky
WaveParadigm – Weapon spawner
DanEld - Unequip after respawn script
PiousLachance - Spider model
Hani - 1st to 3rd person view toggle
Team META - Vctory screen, weapon models and Leaderboards