Building quality Core game, Looking for skilled map-makers

Hello map makers! I'm in the process of creating my first Core game, learning as I go along, and it's time to start placing the build on a map to help inspire and flesh out more of the aesthetic details. I'm about three days into learning how to build terrain, etc, when I realize that learning how to build a map then building it could take weeks out of my game development process. My background is in first hosting Halo 5 custom lobbies for a few years, then building maps and scripting games in Halo 5 Forge. So, I've got a few years under my belt studying and getting feedback in what works and what doesn't, have a good eye, and am dedicated to creating a quality game. I'm looking for map creation that reflects that ethic. Let's make some magic! I like to keep projects super-secret until they're released to the public, so interested parties message me. I will want to see some of your work and can offer references to mine. Hoping I can find a primarily map-maker, as I'd like to be a primarily game-creator.

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Awesome background :+1:

Try checking Discord if I am not mistaken there are some people interested in collaborating making maps

Thanks, Alex. Yeah, I'm on the Discord, just figured I'd post up here, too. I went ahead and just got started building the map. It's coming along!

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