Builders War

GAME NAME: Builders War
GAME LINK: Builders War by TomViet - Core Games

*Collect - Craft - Build - Recruit - Invade - Upgrade - Hire - Harvest - Trade - Fight

In Builders War, you become a mayor and build your own Town. Upgrade and Defend it.
Each building give you new features such as a storage, peons to hire, military units to recruit, agriculture, trading and many more.
Explore the world to collect resources for the construction of your Town and manage it with your peons to collect resources for you.

PRIVATE ALPHA, please join the discord to report any bugs and your feedbacks:

Special thank to Koala :heartpulse::koala: to always be there to anwser my questions.
Another special thanks to Antula, for his awesome work on the alpha tests to dig out the bugs BzzzZ

Thanks to Thalantos💗 to improve the tasks text and help center
CardinalZebra - Universal UI Kit - Thanks buddy to lead the way with your solid UI mockup
StandardCombo - NPC AI Kit
StandardCombo - Combat Dependencies - Cannot say NPC AI and real time combat is fun to me to dev, thanks for your flexible dependencies !
Core Team META - Spellshock2 spells effect - You guys made so great spells, how to do better :stuck_out_tongue:
LotusCraker - Windmill, Barn, Bakery. - Thanks for your share who give me a mood how to kitbash on Core.
Maverick0607 - Fantasy House (& awesome fancy window) - You confirm me the obj should not be straight for a better organic feeling, thanks you for your great example.
Staypunny - For his nice Backpack CC*

*Potions crafting

  • New Jobs: Herbalist & Alchemist
  • New Building: Laboratory
    Gather the plants and use it to craft potions, used as consumable for the player to health (Removing the current regeneration)
    Used as consumable while launching a raid to give some score bonus for the raid.


  • New job and building to craft cloths, used as workers consumable to give more production bonus
  • New ores resources to use the current forge and blacksmith to craft Tools, used as worker consumables
  • New crafts using different type of ores to craft weapons used as consumables for raids bonus
  • New job and building Carpenter/Carpenter’s Workshop to use wood and nails to craft furniture used for a "Interior Update"
  • Use carpenter to craft a cart than you can drive to go to gathers resources with and stock your gathered resources inside to carry more
  • Interior update. Teleport inside the building and place the furniture as you wish to decorate and give bonus to the building
  • Mini game with the Tavern interior, welcome the customers, serv them the dishes you crafted and make coins
  • "Neutral" production buildings in the Wildland (PvP zone), build/capture these productions building to get a production bonus for all your workers
  • New RvR map, 5v5. Build your faction base for bonus and gather resources with a higher bonus than the Wildland from your town map. Could access your warehouse from this second map to avoid loading to often switch between scenes.
  • Auction house (maybe only accessible on the RvR map ?) allow players to create buy/sell orders in addition of the trade routes system than I made limited (random offers, maximum trades per cycle with opened routes) in case of a players economy, which is definitively needed but really risky to integrate coz of potential players exploit and not enough control on that economy. Still thinking for it :eyes: *

*0.1.0 - Public Alpha - Quality of life part 2

  • Launch the public alpha
  • Add a camera movement while the player is building to let him see the model change without UI
  • Remove the collision when a gatherable reach the final state
  • Save the last selected class to don't ask again at the next login
  • Remove the player concurrent save from SpellShock2 to have their classes fully working with internal save
  • (Should be) Fix a bug who coz the task to not be updated after to complete it
  • The backpack on the player's back was not destroyed when the player disconnect
  • Remove the walk side collision for the Floor lvl 2
  • Add invisible plane for collision to the forge roof
  • Fix a bug who stop to refresh the player HUD when someone in the server disconnect*


Discord: Builders War

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Hi hope someone gets this message as for some reason i cant join the discord i am having a problem upgrading the tavern,, i was upgrading when there was update and got kicked out and since then i cannot upgraded tavern or or join discord i try it says invalid invite can any help me