Builders War - PTR

GAME NAME: Builders War - PTR

Collect - Craft - Build - Hire - Plant - Trade - Recruit - Fight

In Builders War, you will build your own Town. Each building give you new features such as a new storage, hire workers, unlock new classes, agriculture and many more.
Explore the world to collects the resources for the construction of your Town and hire workers to help you collect more resources.

PRIVATE ALPHA, please join the discord to report any bugs and your feedbacks
Special thank to Koala :heartpulse::koala: to always be there to anwser my questions.

StandardCombo - NPC AI Kit
StandardCombo - Combat Dependencies
Core Team META - Spellshock2 spells effect
LotusCraker - Windmill, Barn, Bakery. Thanks for his share who give me a good mood how to kitbash on Core.
Maverick0607 - Fantasy House (& awesome fancy window)

Current priority: Private Alpha
Track & fix bugs with the private alpha
Setup the metrics ? Just play the game to balance the gameplay. How fast should gather, how much resources should be need for build/upgrade buildings, how fast should be the jobs leveling, etc etc...
When estimate both are good enough, launch a public alpha by publishing the game on core.
Do some final adjustment as needed with this new stage and then start the dev of the first content update with Army/Raids systems (And maybe switch to Beta stage ?)

Scheduled for next update

Army system to recruit military unit.
Come with a new building: Garrison
Use your class buildings to recruit military unit associated to that class building.
The military units stay in Garrison
Upgrade your Garrison to keep more military unit inside.

Raids system to launch raid on other players town.
Select the military unit from your Garrison to launch the raid.
Each military is strong and weak again military units from other class building.
The server will calculate the defense score of the attacked town depending of the military units in Garrison + the defense bonus given by the defensive buildings built.
Depending of the attack score and the defense score, the server calculate who win the raid.
When an attacked town lose a raid, the buildings are damaged (Cf. Maintenance system in future patch) and there's a chance to get 1 worker killed (Who lose his level and will need to hire a new worker to replace him)
To avoid any abuse, as soon as one building is downgraded after few loose raids, the town of the player is locked and cannot be attacked anymore until the mayor of this town attack himself another town.

**What I would like to add but not yet scheduled (And maybe never) **

Potions crafting

  • New Jobs: Herbalist & Alchemist
  • New Building: Laboratory
    Gather the plants and use it to craft potions, used as consumable for the player to health (Removing the current regeneration)
    Used as consumable while launching a raid to give some score bonus for the raid.


  • New job and building to craft cloths, used as workers consumable to give more production bonus
  • New ores resources to use the current forge and blacksmith to craft Tools, used as worker consumables
  • New job and building Carpenter/Carpenter’s Workshop to use wood and nails to craft furniture used for a "Interior Update"
  • Use carpenter to craft a cart than you can drive to go to gathers resources with and stock your gathered resources inside to quarry more
  • Interior update. Teleport inside the building and place the furniture as you wish to decorate and give bonus to the building
  • Mini game with the Tavern interior, welcome the customers, serv them the dishes you crafted and make coins
  • "Neutral" production buildings in the Wildland (PvP zone), build/capture these productions building to get a production bonus for all your workers
  • New RvR map, 5v5. Build your faction base for bonus and gather resources with a higher bonus than the Wildland from your town map. Could access your warehouse from this second map to avoid loading to often switch between scenes.

0.0.1 - Private Alpha

  • Gathering
  • Jobs
  • Buildings
  • Classes
  • PvP
  • Tasks
  • Technologies
  • Trading
  • Plant/Harvest crops
  • Crafting
  • Workers
  • Storage - Backpack / Warehouse + Upgrades



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