Broken leaderboards

This is about the DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY leaderboards not reseting after the appropriate period.
Aside from the board not resetting, the couple of times it did reset on my maps, the first time a player gets a score the leaderboard updates and displays their global score. I've now removed the DAILY boards from my maps and had to go with a GLOBAL board but for player retention a DAILY, WEEKLY or MONTHLY board is better.
I've been hearing thru Discord since Aug last year that this is a known issue to Core and it is being worked on. Each update that comes out I look for the Leaderboards fix but nothing so far. Is there a timeline for when this feature will be fixed? Alternatively could the documentation be updated to reflect that only the GLOBAL leaderboards are working?

Hello @Utterly,
I also have issues with leaderboards regarding time management which i don't fully understand.

Could it have something to do with the action of updating the game or not ?

Are leaderboards resetting too late or too soon ? If you could provide an exemple it would be great !

Discord had this
" Nicholas Foreman [I am Tonk]09/22/2020

For Daily/Weekly/Monthly Leaderboards: Reset times are all in UTC. Daily resets when the new UTC day begins. Weekly is set to Friday Night/Saturday morning. Monthly is set to reset when the day ticks over to the first day of the month."

The comments around this message show no one has been having any success with the daily, weekly or monthly leaderboards. I suspect this is why we only see global leaderboards or the creators manually reset (recreate) the leaderboard themselves each day, week or month.

When I had a daily leaderboard I only noticed it reset twice. This was unrelated to updating the game, or not. Any player who then got on the fresh days leaderboard would have their global score shown not the new days score. I kept a daily board running next to my global board for a couple of months and it basically never reset.

The leaderboards are hosted on the server and the API we have been provided to interact with them is very limited so we are stuck waiting for Manticore to resolve this. As the problem has been around since Aug/Sept 2020 it doesn't seem to ever get to the top of their to-do list :frowning:

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