BlitzBall League WiP by VileShinobi

GAME NAME: BlitzBall
GAME LINK: BlitzBall League WiP by VileShinobi - Core Games

*Aquatic arena Team Sport. 1v1 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4. *

check out the game link for updates on the roadmap and future plans

1.0.124- Changes and more changes, QoL, Queue, and much more coming, this is a small part of a much bigger update coming in the next few weeks.

1.0.94 - Made a bunch of UI/Visual changes, bug fixes, QoL changes, Physics changes, Etc.
not entirely precisely sure which changes to list after 1.0.6
1.0.6 - Graphics update, Passive Xp/Gil System. Early implementation of Gil (money) system. Rewards for matches finalized. Passively Tracking matches won, and matches played. this plus the Season goals will allow me to create a leader board showing the Highest level, Games Played, Win Ratio, Goals (possibly a Goals per match ratio).
I'm sure I did a bit more between, but this is what I can remember. The game is Much more Stable now as well.

1.0.33 - Designed a Failsafe for the Main Arena Blitz Ball. (FailSafe takes about 15 seconds) : Now if the ball somehow goes out of the arena, or destroys itself. it will reappear on the last player who had it/ or the center of the arena depending on the specifics of the issue.
Now a full game of Blitz ball should be completable, EVEN IF the ball goes against all my power and destroys itself, or appears outside of player reach.

1.0.26 - Rather sizable update here.
*Added Scoreboard which can be accessed by pressing Tab. you can see Season goals ( which is how many goals a player has scored over the season/lifetime)
which team they are on ( Lobby, 1, 2, Training, and training2), Goals for the match ( if you're on team 1 or team 2), and KO's which is how many times you have died(knocked out) in a match. May update for looks later. for now, I think it will work.

  • changed the way team Assignments work. Now there is one pad, When you are ready to play interact with the box marked team assignment. This is still designed around being a 5v5.

  • Added in Game mode Start. Now when teams are even between 2-4 players each, you can hit start to begin around. (5v5 auto starts). New players will have to wait until the round is over. if you want to 1v1, you can go to the Training Room, and practice your 1v1s there. Fixed a few issues surrounding Force start, it is no longer abusable.

  • I added Swimming Trails to characters in water.

  • Redesigned the tutorial for clarity.

  • Added an icon to the player interface to show your ability to throw the ball.

Can only throw the ball if you have the ball. but the icon should make it more apparent that its even a thing in the game.

  • Created an entire Training area. Not enough people to play? Still, want to mess around with the mechanics? now you can! Go on down to the training room and play away. if you want to practice a little 1 on 1, you can go to the Attack BillBoard to switch between the Training teams. Now you can just hang out and throw a ball around!

  • added in new safety protocols to the ball to hopefully fix its disappearance issue, and cover any unknown mishaps.

  • darkened the nameplates to help differentiate them from the Team-colored Goal lights better.

  • I feel like I'm forgetting something, so this covers the rest of it.


Check the game link for images. possible videos coming in the future?

All additional information here

with the latest update, now players can start smaller matches more often. 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 options available for the main arena. The training room can easily support a 1v1 if your just looking to mess around in the game, and with the mechanics. I am relatively Active, so I am constantly checking for comments and reply's. Feel free to reach out to me :slight_smile:

Should now always be able to complete a game no matter. please report issues. Alpha Level Progression has also been allowed.
now you start at lvl 40, but can work your way all the way up as far as you want. Skills have an inherent skill cap of 100, but level has no caps. Train away BlitzBallers.

Newest update implements a much more stable version of the game, as well as adds a passive XP/Gil Reward for being in game. Early Money system is implemented, but nothing can be bought atm. If you have any ideas about things you would like to spend In game Currency on, Please let me know, I am always interested in more ideas ^_^.

updated link to show closer to newest version of BlitzBall League.

Big update in the works. Great QoL updates already in place. Stability has been my main focus for the last dozen or so updates( the unwritten ones) which is why there are very few patch notes. the details can be boring~