Black windows and popups

Anyone know why this is happening? Fresh install from epic and I cannot see any of the popup windows, I can still interact with them though. It's impossible to publish my game because of this. When I take a screenshot it appears normal so here's a picture taken from my phone of the publish menu.

Sounds like an issue with your computer GPU/Memory
I had an issue (Technically still do) where every now and then it doesn't let me right click on anything (flickers the menu up and disappears) and whenever there's a pop up it's black, but still interactable.

I've got not real idea how to fix it since i've still got the issue myself, but at least the problem source is kinda identified :smiley:
So uh yeah...try seeing if you can diagnose your computer gpu and memory

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I noticed the same issues on my computer. it happens usually after one or a few hours of editing. If I restart core the windows work again.

I did not have this issue before, so it must been one of the recent updates that came with Core.

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Thanks for the advice, but flodihn's solution seemed to work.

You are a lifesaver, I restarted core and it works perfectly now.

Nah yeah that's all good, I do the same thing but it still comes back after a while