Best Utility Scripts in CC to Make Your Life Easier (My Favorites)

Hello everyone! I streamed earlier today about my favorite utility tools available on Community Content and thought it'd be great to make a companion post on the forums as well.

All of these scripts work out of the box, making it easy for newbs to use very powerful tools. Thanks to everyone who has uploaded and contributed to Community Content. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have awarded badges to each template.

:open_book: Read me included
While every template here works out of the box, it is really nice to have a read me explaining how every thing works and how you can modify it to fit your game.

:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Community effort
This template is a result of many people's work. Thank you for crediting your fellow creators.

:star: Well commented
Scripts included in this template are exceedingly well documented. Props to this creator!

:core: Toggle Visibility
by Buckmonster (with contributions from Seth and featurecreeper)
This template allows you to toggle the visibility of UI, the player, equipment/weapons, reticle, and flight mode individually with different key presses. This is great for taking screenshots during gameplay. You can customize each key press to allow for a truly unobtrusive toggling experience.
:open_book: Read me included :family_man_woman_girl_boy: Community effort :star: Well commented

:core: Emote Menu
by WaveParadigm
This template makes it easy to use emotes in your game. It also provides a template for a radial menu if you'd like to repurpose it. I really appreciate WaveParadigm including his discord handle in the CC description so people can ask questions if needed. :+1:

:core: Ladder
by Drogan (with contributions by standardcombo)
This ladder works exactly like how you would expect. No more jumping on boxes!
:family_man_woman_girl_boy: Community effort

:core: Cinematic Shot
by standardcombo
This is an amazing tool. You can set up a start point and an end point for the camera to pan across as well as a target for the camera to look at. Oh did I mention you can also chain points to create multiple shots? A true cinematic experience. Great documentation provided as well.
:open_book: Read me included

:core: Tutorial UI
by Gabunir
This template provided by your Discord overlord helps you set up a toggleable tutorial with ease. Simply press shift to hide and unhide your guide. Note: This template does have some deprecated UI assets you will have to swap out.

:core: Build Up Script
by Gabunir (with contributions from Fezzinate and Seth)
Want to see your scene recreated primitive by primitive during gameplay? This script by Fezzinate (updated by Gabunir) allows you to select a model to rebuild. Seth's Barn is used as an example but it's easy to set it up with your own template.
:open_book: Read me included :family_man_woman_girl_boy: Community effort

:core: Acorn - Utility Library
by Anthony
Anthony provides a lot of useful functions with this utility library - everything from setting and clearing team checkpoints to handling dice rolls in game and everything in between. Everything is explained in the read me and comments.
:open_book: Read me included :star: Well commented

:core: Suicide Catcher
by WaveParadigm
Tired of self kills counting towards the kill count? This template allows you to set a penalty for clumsy gun handling.

:core: Destructable Object Sample
by Chris
This template includes a rock with three different states of destruction, a gun to test damage, and a button to reset the template. Perfect for creating and testing games with destructible elements.
:open_book: Read me included

:core: Shift to Sprint
by FmTrick
This template allows players to sprint and walk slowly with key bindings. Custom properties allow you to set Walk Speed, Run Speed, as well as other parameters.

:core: mannequin_guy & mannequin_gal
by Sobchak
This one's a twofer! These mannequin's allow you to easily model and try on costumes.
:open_book: Read me included

:core: Chat Window
by Liveonnoevil
As no chat system is in place on the client (YET) this template is a must for teamwork oriented games! Press enter to chat and enter to send your message. As CORE is missing some keybindings, it's not exactly perfect but considering Liveonnoevil made this within 3 days of our Alpha launch it's pretty incredible!

:core: Maze Generator
by Seth
Simply drag the GenerateMaze template into your game and prepare to be amazed! Not only can you edit the look of your maze but Seth makes it easy to change how it generates with custom properties like Maze Size, Wall Frequency, and more.
:star: Well commented

:core: Dialogue System
by Seth
Another good one by Seth! This Dialogue System allows you to easily create conversations with an NPC using UI elements. This WIP has been continually updated to improve its functionality. A read me is included a few folders deep in the "DialogueLookup" script.
:star: Well commented