BeginOverlay() & "F" interaction popup window don´t work, if there is an extra hierarchy level?



If you get next to the cubes 1 and 2, interaction is offered, there is a popup window with ""F1" or "F2". If you press the "F" button, "OnInteracted()" is executed.

If you get even nearer to the cubes 1 and 2, "BeginOverlay()" works - The cube turns from white to green.

BUT: If you get next to the cube 3, you neither see a "F3" popup window, nor is "BeginOverlay()" executed.


The only difference is in the hierarchy tree: there is one extra group / folder level above "cube 3". By that, somehow, the trigger function is not working.

Why the need for the extra group / folder level? Well.. to keep all elements of a complex object into a group, as base for a clean hierarchy design. And to have another lower hierarchy for all elements ( i.e. one group / folder for each cube ).

Any fix or script modification available, to make the Trigger work for "cube 3" ?
Any help is appreciated!

I got the answer at Reddit:

"Make sure you set collision on in the client context"

This was missing ( for the "ClientContext" group, and further for "Key" ...) !