Battle for the Golden Asteroid

GAME NAME: Battle for the Golden Asteroid
GAME LINK: Battle for the Golden Asteroid by HeeroYuy - Core Games

Battle for the Golden Asteroid is a Capture and Hold type of game ambiented in Space.
Map is an asteroid field and you can move around using mainly a Grappling Hook and impulsing your character with "compressed gas" (A, D, W, Control and Space keys).
There is only one point to conquest, the Asteroid in question, and two teams have to compite to control it.
The battle itself it's using Laser Assault Rifles. I have tried to tweak it so is not too hard to hit something 300+ meters away.

Game is almost in it's final version. Depending on public demand I might consider keep working on it.


V1.0.18 - Jul 1, 2021

  • Increased "health" of Gray Asteroids
  • Increased again radius of explosion
  • Explosion damage and impulse now depends on distance of the player from the asteroid.
  • Added damage feedback well damaged from asteroid explosion and the Kill message will say "Player X killed Player Y with Asteroid Explosion"
  • Improved UI message when there's no one playing
  • Added "Asteroids Destroyed" Leaderboard and counter
  • Fixed player markers to be updated when a player is moved to the other team on auto-balance

V1.0.17 - Jun 29, 2021

  • Increased radius of asteroid explosion damage
  • Increased max players from 8 to 10

V1.0.16 - Jun 29, 2021

  • Regular asteroides are now destructible. The explosion damages nearby players.
  • Small correction to the player position indicator.

V1.0.15 - Jun 27, 2021

  • Small tweaks to the player hit effect and to the Golden Asteroid design

V1.0.14 - Jun 25, 2021

  • Implemented auto-healing
  • Slightly reduced weapon damage

V1.0.13 - Jun 25, 2021

  • Improved the Heathbar UI to better show the remaining HP
  • Added player hit effect
  • Reduce the mag size, fixed the auto-reload and implemented "progresive self reload"
  • Fixed a visual bug with the "Impulse Gas"
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Grappling Hook marker
  • Other minor tweaks and fixs

V1.0.12 - Jun 24, 2021

  • Implemented spawn protection
  • Hot-fix to the exploit where you can get inside an asteroid and shoot from there
  • Increased the reuse delay of the Grappling Hook

V1.0.11 - Jun 23, 2021

  • Small tweak to the control zone indicator (bubble around the asteroid)

V1.0.10 - Jun 23, 2021

  • Fixed a minor sound issue
  • When it's "contested" it doesn't add points to the controlling team
  • Improved the design of the "Golden Asteroid"

V1.0.9 - Jun 23, 2021

  • Improved UI and added better messages to show the Status of the control point

V1.0.8 - Jun 23, 2021

  • Limited the Max Speed of movement

V1.0.7 - Jun 22, 2021

  • Fixed some issues with the Player Markers (now they turn Gray if there isn't a straight line of sight between the two players)
  • Fixed some issues with the Projectile Size (so it doesn't collide with nearby objects when shooting from an asteroid/spaceship)
  • Seted projectile color by Team (blue vs red)


This game was actually build in less than 2 days for the Lost in Space GameJam by WhereIsMyShirt