Basic Health Bar

I'm trying to make own health bar script that manipulates scaling with a progress bar when a player is dealt damage. Also, I need a UI Textbox to show how much health is left from the progress bar. I'm having trouble finding exact type which can make that task done. Please I'm grateful for some help and answers. :blush:

I'm not sure if it has everything you need, but if you look in the Core Content window and go to the section: Game Components > UI. There is one called "Health Bar". Just drag that into your game and it will show your health with a health bar and health/max health values. The bar changes as you take damage or heal.

except that it doesn't work, pull the component in and the health bar is visible but doesn't track player health points. it would be nice if these pre-built components had some documentation for usage but they don't and the site documentation is fairly useless too.

hmm. I'm not sure why it would do that. This is an old post, so I made a new game world to see if it still worked like it used to. After dragging it into the hierarchy, I saw it show the bar and when in play mode it showed 100/100 for health. I had another enemy spawn point and weapons for the players to use and it showed missing health when hit.

I did this in a blank game, so if you are using some other template, maybe there are things that could interfere with it?

There are some people on Core's discord that could probably help more than I can. Try asking about it there. Here is the link to their post about their discord and the invite: Discord Server

I am also looking for adding health bar on my webpage: C-Arm Machine for Sale. Let me know if anyone can make this for me. Thanks