Basic Game State Manager is apparently not registered?

Hey all! So I am trying to make a modded arcade style game where you can pick up different guns, and mid coding, I came across a warning that said Warning: [A62ED54F5D69A344] APIBasicGameState:72 Cannot get game state with no manager registered

I have a basic game state manager script, so I have no idea why this error is caused. If anyone can give a little insight that would be much appreciated!

local ABGS = require(script:GetCustomProperty("API"))


-- nil Tick(float)
-- Watches for a player hitting the maximum equipment list count and ends the round
function Tick(deltaTime)
	if not ABGS.IsGameStateManagerRegistered() then

	if ABGS.GetGameState() == ABGS.GAME_STATE_ROUND then
		local winner = nil

		for _, player in pairs(Game.GetPlayers()) do
			if player.kills > 2 then
				winner = player

		if winner then
			Events.Broadcast("PlayerVictory", winner)

			local SpawnPartsRed = script:GetCustomProperty("RedSpawnParts"):WaitForObject()
			local SpawnPartsBlue = script:GetCustomProperty("BlueSpawnParts"):WaitForObject()
			local spawns = script:GetCustomProperty("Spawns"):WaitForObject()
			local maps = {"Red", "Green"}
			local mapChoice = math.random(1, #maps)
			if mapChoice == "Red" then
					for i, v in pairs(spawns:GetChildren()) do
							for x, p in pairs(SpawnPartsRed:GetChildren()) do
									v.Position = p.Position
			elseif mapChoice == "Blue" then
					for i, v in pairs(spawns:GetChildren()) do
							for x, p in pairs(SpawnPartsBlue:GetChildren()) do
									v.Position = p.Position

This is the code that I suspect is causing the error, I can also send the functions that actually sent the error!

Is there any chance the API script being required is missing? My first guess was going to be that scripts don't load immediately, but it seems it's all coming from the same script, so scrapping that idea.

@coreslinkous Nope. The Basic game state manager is there and operational

Okay, next question, how long ago did you start the project?

So that I can make sure I'm using the same version of the Core ABGS

I got that solution from the Discord server. I replaced the game state manager and I still got the warning, and the game win did not happen

You replaced the game state manager with the "Basic Game State Manager" template from Core Content?

I'm trying to make a copy on my side, and want to make sure it is the same.

@coreslinkous Yes. I also sent a DM on discord, in case you want the exact game file!


If this would make it easier, I can send an exported copy to you over discord. I shot you a dm there if you'd like the game file

We have a solution! This was my mistake of moving an end to the wrong place!