Base 71 Courtyard Assault

GAME NAME: Base 71 Courtyard Assault (Beta)
GAME VERSION: 1.0.19 please update
GAME LINK: Base 71 Courtyard Assault Beta by Metaforge - Core Games


Score points for your team by killing enemies and controlling capture points. The first team to get 100 points wins. Each capture point grants access to a powerful bonus ability by accessing its terminal if your team controls it. Only 1 special ability can be active at a time.

There are 7 classes, each with their own unique abilities and an additional self-heal.

Sniper (Main Weapon: Sniper Rifle with scope)
High Jump - An extra boost to get into hard to reach areas or use as a quick escape. Works best in combination with a jump.
Mines - Place land mines that explode when the enemy crosses them.

Engineer (Main Weapon: Plasma Rifle with shock grenade launcher)
Healing Dome - Create a healing dome to heal yourself and your teammates.
Shock Grenade - Shoot a shock grenade at the enemy that deals damage over time.

Infiltrator (Main Weapon: Shotgun Pistol with sludge grenade launcher)
Stealth - Sneak up on the enemy to take them by surprise.
Sludge Grenade - Infect the enemy with spreadable noxious sludge (includes a slowing effect).

Assault (Main Weapon: Triple Barrel Shotgun with blast grenade launcher)
Toughness - Temporarily increase your hitpoints to push through enemy lines.
Blast Grenade - Launch an explosive grenade at the enemy with a knockback.

Combat Medic (Main Weapon: Arc Blades - Melee)
Life Well - Drop a device at your feet that can is activated on contact by the medic or a team member to remove harmful effects and heal teammates in the area.
Portal Blade - Throw a blade at the enemy to teleport to their position.

Reaver (Main Weapon: Ring Blade - A thrown ring-shaped weapon that ricochets)
Force Ring - Throw the force ring to knock back nearby enemies. The effect from this ability will also knock back the Reaver if the impact is close.
Siphon Ring - Throw the siphon ring to steal health from all enemies near the impact.

Pyro (Main Weapon: Fire Crossbow - Ignites the enemy dealing damage over time)
Speed Boost - Boost run speed for a short period of time.
Sentry Grenade - Shoot a sentry grenade to deploy a hovering device that detects and attacks nearby enemies.

Visit a weapons terminal to change your class!

Weapons terminals are located in the spawn rooms and on the 4 corners near the outer capture points.

Have Fun!