Bad Neighborz (MASSIVE OVERHAUL) New Release

GAME NAME: Bad Neighborz
PLAYER COUNT: 1-4 Players
GAME LINK: Bad Neighborz - UWCC HUB by Krysez - Core Games

Bad Neighborz: Violent Village Survival - UWCC HUB

This is your own personal neighborhood (4-players per server) where you can live, shop and store items from other UWCC Games (Portals Deactivated for now)

There have been HUGE changes from the original release, and thanks to those who offered valuable, and useful feedback, the game is better than ever!

The UI has been cleared of clutter and MANY new features have been added!

So, what does Bad Neighborz have in store for you?!


New Features:

• Once you buy a car, you receive a key and can spawn the car at any time (Only one Vehicle can be spawned at a time. The previous vehicle will be destroyed)

• Vehicles now USE GAS! (See the Fuel Meter in the lower left) Whenever you are seated in the vehicle it will lose fuel. There’re places to purchase fuel, but cheaper if you park at the Gas Station.

• Better Buildings and Merchants:

• You can now buy and wear Gear that will give you an amount of Shield for each piece you’re wearing (Shield is in the bottom of the Vitals Panel)

• Buy and Sell Crafting Resources at the Improved Pawn Shop

• Buy Food and Drink from Shops

• Vehicle Shop completely revamped, now with 13 different Vehicles

• Drone Shop: Purchase a Drone and click on it to have it follow you and click again to have it stop. Drones will assist you in Battle. You can only have one Summoned at a time but you can easily switch back and forth between your favorites

• Bank: The main purpose of Bad Neighborz is to be the Hub Home for the many other games I have and will be creating. Shared Storage is active across all games. At the Bank you can Deposit and Withdraw funds earned from other games and in Bad Neighborz. Even better, you can exchange Inventory Currency (Cash) with Resource Currency (Jit Coins) Cash can be stolen, but Jit Coin is safe.

• Crops: Each lot now has 4 Plots on them for easy Farming. A Market is in the inner city for Buying/Selling of Crops. Soon, crops will also be available as Cooking Ingredients

• Building: Each Plot also has a series of triggers around the Storage Box where you can pay to build up a small Apartment building around your Safe. Each piece has it’s own HP and can be destroyed by others.

• FunSpot: a large area has been dedicated for a relaxing area to just have fun. Included are:

• Boxing Ring with Equippable Gloves (You will unequip all items when entering the ring)

• Batting Cage: Pick up a Bat and get Swinging

• Basketball Court: Not very functional as balls are just kicked around. But looks nice for now!

• Shooting Range: Test skill against moving targets in this small arena

• Boat Fun: buy a Boat and cruise all the waters of the Map!

• Safe Zone: Now the 1st Block you spawn on is covered in a PeaceZone trigger that deactivates abilities of those within it. The Spawn itself is now covered in Material that will not allow a new player to be killed on spawn. Once you leave that street however, Abilities are activated.


  • More Crafts
  • More Weapons
  • More Vehicles
  • More Drones
  • More Foods
  • More Crops
  • More Quests
  • More HUB Games


Version 2.0 Release (Massive Overhaul)


Special Thanks to
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