Autark Online: Act 1 by Ninjaboot - Core Games

GAME NAME: Autark Online: Act 1
GAME VERSION: *1.0.60 *
**GAME LINK:Autark Online: MMO RPG by Ninjaboot - Core Games

*Autark Online is an MMORPG lite where players can progress in levels, purchase equipment and abilities and defeat the final boss in this Act. Players can work together or face off in the PVP arena. Once players progress to level 30 they will have the option to go through a portal to Rebirth Labyrinth, where they will need to progress through a maze to earn a unique reward. This is my first game and I truly welcome the feedback to make this game progressively better. Please leave your comments below. Huge Shout out to the community, thank you to everyone in the community for adding your content this game would not be possible without all of you! Specail shout out to LuckofBuck, Morticai and StandardCombo. If anyone has questions about the game mechanics please send me a DM. Thank you all!

fixed a few bugs