Are my game ideas viable as a noob?

I've never made a game before, but I messed around with rpg maker in the past. I took programming college so I have a basic understanding of it though i'm not good at it and haven't practiced programming as a hobby since. I know I really need to study it and practice it to get good.

I have a few dream game ideas that I want to create but i'm not sure if its possible. I'm trying to study the Core Tutorials right now.

  1. A first person arena shooter with jail break. When you kill enemy players they get sent to a jail either permanently or for a limited time until they respawn. A location exists on each side of the Arena controlled by either team that when reached by an enemy team player releases all currently held jailed players. The game ends when either all players are jailed or after a timer based on the most points.

  2. A fortnight like battle royale game with a twist. A single player is chosen randomly as a God player that flies around the Arena invisible and can use god powers to effect the battlefield. Their job is to act as the environment and try to kill players. They can summon a swarm of zombies, spawn a super weapon for players to fight over, meteors from the sky, or take over a boss monster to slaughter players with that when killed grants them a guaranteed legendary weapon and buff.

  3. A PVP multiplayer tower defense game. Two teams of 3 players compete to see which team survives the most waves. Players can build towers and also have classes they choose with abilities to fight the waves of minions. The twist is that they gain resources from killing waves which they can spend on sending additional AI controlled minions on the next wave against enemies to try to break them and end the game. It is possible to send boss minions with enough resources.

#1 is definitely approachable for someone new, and probably without any code (or at least not much). The third part of the Academy series deals with Triggers that cause death and teleportation, and there are plenty of articles about how to do scoreboards.

Start here: Courses - Core Academy with Part 1 then 2 and 3 of the Academy. The others I haven't done myself so not sure of the difficulty but I believe those three are the best ones to do absolutely first.