Ambidextrous SCript?

Hi Folks,

New to Core and Lua scripting, I've had a look on the community content and I couldn't find anything. I was wondering if there is a way in lua to make a character ambidextrous, i.e. be able to use two melee weapons at one time, so two short swords or a sword and dagger. I was wanting to be able to add this as a skill in a rpg game I'm planning out.

Any suggestions would be extremely well received.

Thank you,


Have a look at Game Components - Advanced - Dual Katana, so yes, the basic game includes a dual weapon. However, if you are new to Core, the level of scripting required to make a robust, general purpose, dual wield system would be quite a difficult starting point. Quick start: Cheat and give them a skill that provides access to this existing item and don't let them drop it.

As you will have many things to code, I would advise keeping your first game as simple as possible, just to get a feel for Core (dual wield is a good example of a system that could take many man hours to implement, but only adds a tiny aspect to your game).

For example, keep the RPG theme, but set the game in just a small tavern, you will be amazed at how many systems you need and how long it takes to create them for an RPG. Even the tavern example could include sophisticated conversation and journal systems, factions for NPCs, inventory, shop system with barkeeper, UI design, AI walkmesh/movement/interaction. Even where there is community content for this, it will take some effort to make it work exactly as you want and to integrate it all together. At least you can then take all this learning to your next, bigger project.

People often start with grand visions of building open worlds and then slowly drown in the workload. Much better to start with a small complete game that you can launch after a few months and see how the whole process works. If it goes well you might meet others to work with on bigger projects.