Alpha Update 8: March 5th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.125

  • Game Browsing is now part of the client! In addition to the website, you can now now browse games and profiles directly from Core.


New Features

  • Enable Game Browsing in the client. You can now browse games and profiles directly from the application. This includes reviewing games and editing your own profile as well!
  • Improved the display for reviews on published template items.
  • Changed the look of the "Load More" button in the marketplace.
  • A projectile homing target now supports Core Objects as well as Player objects.
  • Video settings can now be found in the Settings menu.


  • There's now a confirmation dialog when saving to a character slot would overwrite a previous item.
  • Closing the editor or leaving an online game will now return to the main menu instead of quitting.


  • Fixed an issue where the script editor would sometimes steal focus from the custom material editor.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause full screen mode to start in a very low resolution.



  • Updated a number of collision-related systems to correctly report HitResults and overlapping results with all Core Objects. Affected functions and systems:
    • Ability:GetTargetData():GetHitResult()
    • Projectile impacts
    • Trigger overlap events, :IsOverlapping, :GetOverlappingObjects.
    • UI.GetCursorHitResult.


  • Fixed issue where persistent strorage would sometimes send empty updates.
  • Fixed crash when accessing transforms of an object with no parent and physics enabled.
  • Fixed crash when calling World.FindObjectByName().