Alpha Update 7: February 28th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.123

  • Core's foundations have been upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.23. You can read more about their big release on the Unreal Engine blog.
  • Note: Core does not get all the listed features automatically, we'll always tell you when new features become available.


New Features

  • Added text to read-only properties in the custom material editor which clarifies why they are read-only.
  • You can now set separate volume levels for music, sound effects, and dialog in the Settings menu.
  • Added a tooltip for the "Edit Mode" selector.
  • Improvements to Custom Material Editor mode UX:
    • Changed checkbox to a combo box
    • Added a third option, "Display both Materials".
    • Now makes parameters read only instead of removing them.
  • Completely redesigned terrain panel with new terrain tools. The tools are now:
    • Surface
    • Shape: use any mesh as sculpt shape. Options to smoothly and progressively stamp them.
    • Smooth
    • Trim: previously Conform to Normal
    • Flatten
    • Level


  • Updated the style of the "Create" tab search bar.
  • When clicking on a tab that is already open, we will now refresh that tab.
  • Opening the custom material editor from the properties view with a mesh highlighted will now default to an edit mode which reflects the material mode currently in use by that mesh.
  • Core will now launch the main menu in windowed mode.
  • There will now be a confirmation popup when you hit ESC before you exit Core.
  • We're now hiding two parameter UI elements if they are empty:
    • "Add custom parameter" box is hidden if parameters cannot be added.
    • "Custom Material" edit mode box is hidden if there is only one possible edit mode.
  • Depth of Field Post Process Effects:
    • Circle and Bokeh method and related parameters have been removed.
    • The remaining gaussian parameters have been reduced.
    • Games using the DoF Post Process may need to adjust existing parameters to correct for the new behavior:
      • "Distance to 50%" values will likely need the most adjustment.
      • "Distance" value may need some minor adjustment.
  • Labels in the properties view for read only properties are now darker and editable text is lighter.


  • Fixed a crash when opening a brand new custom material while the editor was already opened.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing ESC on the character customize screen to close the "Save Changes" dialog made you stuck on it.



Names reported by HitResult.socketName now correctly correspond to the CORE socket names list, the conversion mapping is as follows:

  • Neck_02SHJnt -> head
  • Neck_00SHJnt -> neck
  • Spine_02SHJnt/Spine_03SHJnt -> upper_spine
  • Spine_01SHJnt -> lower_spine
  • PelvisSHJnt -> pelvis
  • L_Arm_ShoulderSHJnt -> left_shoulder
  • L_Arm_Elbow_CurveSHJnt -> left_elbow
  • L_Arm_WristSHJnt -> left_wrist
  • R_Arm_ShoulderSHJnt -> right_shoulder
  • R_Arm_Elbow_CurveSHJnt -> right_elbow
  • R_Arm_WristSHJnt -> right_wrist
  • L_Leg_HipCurveSHJnt -> left_hip
  • L_Leg_KneeLowerSHJnt -> left_knee
  • L_Leg_AnkleSHJnt -> left_ankle
  • R_Leg_HipCurveSHJnt -> right_hip
  • R_Leg_KneeLowerSHJnt -> right_knee
  • R_Leg_AnkleSHJnt -> right_ankle


  • Fixed crashes when calling a Lua function with passing nil values as the self argument.
  • Fixed the playerJoinedEvent not firing occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue with string serialization when using networked events or persistent storage. Previously, a string that only contained a valid number would be serialized as a float or int32.