Alpha Update 6: February 19th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.120

  • Persistence API! The long requested feature is finally here.

Check out our new Tutorial to learn all about it!

About Deprecations during Alpha

We will sometimes need to deprecate code during the course of development.
Games using deprecated features will continue to work for the near future, but may produce deprecation warnings. Deprecated features may be removed entirely down the line; we recommend affected games eventually remove the feature/code!

New Features


  • Enable uniform scaling of players. Added new functions:

    • Player:GetWorldScale(), returns a Vector3.
    • Player:SetWorldScale(Vector3), sets a Player's WorldScale to a Vector3.
  • We added a new API for persistent storage. To use the storage service it has to be enabled in the game settings object. It is available under a new namespace called Storage. The available functions are:

    • GetPlayerData(Player) (server-only)

    • SetPlayerData(Player, table) (server-only)

    • The items that can be stored in the table are the same as the ones that can be sent through networked events.

    • All successfully stored data in preview mode can be viewed in /Maps/<your_map_name>/Storage/. This data is just for debugging purposes and does not get uploaded.

    • Each player table has a maximum size limit of 16KB.

    • The possible error codes are

      • StorageResultCode.SUCCESS
      • StorageResultCode.FAILURE
      • StorageResultCode.STORAGE_DISABLED
      • StorageResultCode.SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

    Note: If the storage service is enabled in your game, player data is available when the playerJoinedEvent is fired, if there's some problem retrieving user data, the player will be disconnected.


  • Several new custom material features:
    • Live preview in scene while editing custom materials.
    • Revert to default in custom material editor.
    • Paste parameters into custom material editor.
    • Ability to change base material on existing custom materials.
    • Removed "Update Material" button.
  • Added a confirmation dialog before logging out and quitting.
  • Editor Help Menu now has a Forums link.
  • Added option for hierarchy traversal to use all objects instead of just groups.
  • Added two new fields to modify Look Control Mode: Look at Cursor:
    • Cursor Plane Anchor
      • Player Position: The cursor plane is centered on the Player.
      • World Origin: The cursor plane is centered at the world origin (0, 0, 0).
    • Cursor Plane Offset - Distance the cursor plane is offset along the plane's normal.

Core Content

  • Added camera settings components: Third Person, First Person, Side Scroller, Top Down and Isometric View.

  • Sky Planet: Now updates light direction when sun is moved.

  • Added third person camera settings to frameworks.

  • Added more Frames and Backgrounds for UI Textures.

  • All advanced weapons now have sound on pickup. Additionally added Whizby sound for bullets.

  • Added SFX to Hoverboard mount.

  • New animations available:
    The following melee animations feature root motion and automatically move the player forward while attacking. They are designed to work well in sequence up to a 3 hit combo, but they can be used in any order or by themselves. Note: these root motion animations do loop to extend cast phase durations and they do not scale play rate during execute phase duration like the other melee animations.

    • 1hand_melee_rm_combo_opener_vertical_slash

    • 1hand_melee_rm_combo_middle_diagonal_slash

    • 1hand_melee_rm_combo_closer_uppercut

    • 2hand_sword_rm_combo_opener_cone

    • 2hand_sword_rm_combo_middle_spin

    • 2hand_sword_rm_combo_closer_spin

    • 2hand_staff_rm_combo_opener_upward_slash

    • 2hand_staff_rm_combo_middle_thrust

    • 2hand_staff_rm_combo_closer_vertical_slash

  • New unarmed animations:

    • unarmed_use
    • unarmed_use_bandage

A few of the new textures



  • Smart Audio now supports fadeIn, fadeOut, and startTime properties, just like regular audio.


  • Changed the text on the Close button in the Pause menu. Closing the options menu while in-game now returns you directly to the game.
  • Changed the text for the Edit menu option to open settings.
  • Changed smart audio property StartTime to behave the same way as regular audio.
  • The Revert button is now hidden for parameters which can never be reverted. This includes:
    • Names of placed objects
    • Names of template root objects
    • Custom parameter values on placed objects
    • Names of custom materials
    • Base materials for custom materials
    • If multiple objects are selected, and some are revertible and some are not, the button will show.
  • Added logic to mount SFX to always check if the player is mounted to fix an issue where mount sounds were sometimes still playing even when the player was no longer mounted.
  • Terrain objects must now be set as non-networked (static).
  • Terrain objects must now reside in the root folder of the project. This prevents them from being put into a networked, server or client-only folder context.
  • Removed right-click options to promote terrain to networked object.
  • Terrain collision can no longer be directly set in CORE, you must set the terrain as Primary in the Terrain Creator drop-down menu to enable it.
  • The hierarchy context menu will now show New Group Containing These if you are trying to group a template and non-template object. It will not show Group and Create Template From These while selecting a mix of placed and template objects.
  • The projectile section in weapon's properties tab is hidden when the Is Hitscan property is checked.
  • Updated and moved Camera setting to Game Components.
  • Prevent copying or duplicating a terrain object.
    • Prevent creating templates containing terrain objects.
  • Selection mode behavior tweaks:
    • Single-click now does simple selection:
      • Add with SHIFT, Add / Remove with CTRL.
      • Double-click now performs group/object mode traversal
  • 1m and 4m planes will no longer collide from their invisible side. They have been renamed as "one sided," and new "two sided" planes that are visible and collidable from both sides have been added to the catalog.
  • The Settings screen now displays over the other UI in the frontend.

Core Content

  • Water material: Now uses vectors for flow and wind direction. Flow direction split into Wind and Flow.
  • Transform Widget: Dims when occluded by other geometry. Widgets now remain visible with other transparent objects.
  • Ambient Occlusion Post Process: Assets renamed for clarity and consistency.
  • Removed Eat/Munch un-removeable sound layer in Meta Generic Pickup 02 SFX.
  • Renamed Meta Generic Pickup 02 SFX to Meta Generic Eat Food Pickup 01 SFX


  • Changed game URLs to use the game name instead of the game ID.



  • Fixes issue with disappearing cursor when clicking using UI.SetCursorVisible(true).
  • Fixes value returned by AbilityTarget.GetOwnerMovementRotation().
  • Fixed a bug where calling SetNetworkedCustomProperty() on an Asset Reference failed.
  • Fixed bug with MoveTo() and RotateTo() that would occasionally result in the object not quite making it to the final configuration.


  • Fixed pressing Pause while walking causing the player to get stuck walking on un-pause.
  • Fixed undo failing after performing drag select.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented tabbing through the property view after editing fields.
  • Fixed editing X and Z values of rotations when multiselecting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some games from working correctly as community shared games.
  • Fixed crash when calling Player:SetVisibility(). (reported by Smithy)
  • Fixed bug that causes an Equipment to destroy itself when manually equipped before the pickup trigger fires.
  • Fixed a crash when exiting a game that contained a TeamSettings object.
  • Fixed hang on loading screen when matchmaking fails.
  • You no longer respawn crouched if you died while crouching.
  • Fixed an issue where updating a template from an instance would not update Vector2 and Vector4 parameters.
  • Fixed several player collision issues in hosted games.
  • Fixed a problem where autosave can get stuck trying to autosave every second or so, if an autosave fails. We also changed autosave fail behavior to only alert the user the first time it fails - consecutive autosaves will fail silently, until it succeeds at least once.
  • Fixed a bug where Revert to Default didn't work for any network context objects.
  • Fixed occasional player animation issues when standing on objects contained within a runtime static context.
  • Fixed the "rename crash" when starting preview mode. Thanks to WaveParadigm for invaluable assistance tracking this down.
  • Fixed networked properties not showing correct value on server when changed event fires.
  • Fixed not being able to move the camera immediately after renaming an object or custom property.
  • Fixed some hierarchy changes (e.g. asset drag-drop below all items) breaking range select.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Master Volume slider to not work until you changed the volume.
  • Fixed a bug where wrong values would appear in the custom material editor after losing input focus.

Core Content

  • Fixed an issue in Epic Tides Battle Music Construction Kit (Layers) 01 where some instrument sliders were not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue in Gunshot Sniper Rifle Set 01 SFX where type 14 - Sniper Rifle Modeled - M24 E1 - Close was silent.
  • Distortion Wake Trail: No longer renders quad shapes.
  • Distortion Ring: Corrected quad visibility.


  • Fixed broken reviews from updated URL structure.
  • Fixed login page Save Password field.
  • Update Write Review button to Edit on previously reviewed games.
  • Fixed search dropdown ENTER key bug.