Alpha Update 36: April 6th 2021

Highlights for Version 1.0.182


Core now supports Queuing for games! This allows players to enter a queue for certain games, while still playing Core while they wait!

  • At publish time, creators can choose if their game requires a queue and a minimum number of players required to make the queue pop.
  • This is useful for games that require (or are better experiences with) a certain number of players.
  • Players can queue up for these games and then go play on Core while waiting for the queue. This means that you can browse games, shop, customize your character, and play other non-queued games while waiting! (Entering the editor or closing the client will remove players from the queue)
  • Once a queue hits the minimum number of required players, all players in the queue will receive a message to accept the invite and enter the game.
  • Players can queue for up to 4 games at a time and when one queue pops, they will be removed from all other queues.


  • New: Emissive Glow Material now supports depth fade.
  • New: There is now a per-player option to hide [All] chat. It is called "Disable [All] Chat Channel" and is located in the Gameplay tab of the Settings menu.
  • New: UIText can support Vertical Justification. There are four values: Top, Center, Bottom, and Baseline.
    • The last one tries to align the text directly on the bottom so different fonts and sizes can be put together.
    • The old Justification is now called Horizontal Justification.
  • New: Gamepad controller can now be used for basic navigation in most of the front-end UI. This is still work in progress, so please report any issues!
  • New: Existing projects can have their display name changed from the context menu (3 dot menu) on the Create screen.
  • New: Added warnings when "Saved Projects Location" appears to be set to a network-mapped location.
  • New: Added a button in the Settings screen to open your Saved Projects folder in Explorer.
  • Changed: Fonts thumbnails will show Aa in the regular font. World text fonts will have a different watermark to differentiate them.
  • Changed: Camera collision is now independent of Game Collision.
    • This means creators no longer need to have game collision on an object for it to have camera collision.
  • Changed: Alt+Enter can now toggle fullscreen while in editor mode.
  • Changed: We renamed Home World to Core World.
  • Fixed an issue where opening game links on the Core website could result in nothing happening after switching accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was not prompted to save avatar edits when clicking the Home World tab.
  • Fixed missing mouse over effects added to several buttons on game and profile pages.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Core to crash when submitting a report.
  • Fixed Skylight parameter changes at runtime breaking scene lighting.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players go into ragdoll.
  • Fixed a chat broadcast crash when the player controller is missing.
  • Various optimizations to improve load time into games.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing template png export/import from working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where browsing another player's liked games was showing your own liked games.


  • Added a new CoreSocial.IsFriendsWithLocalPlayer(player) client function, which returns true if the given player is friends with the local player.
  • Added new API that allow creators to disable a player's movement entirely or attach that player to a CoreObject:
    • Player.isMovementEnabled
    • Player:AttachToCoreObject()
    • Player:Detach()
    • Player.parentCoreObject
  • Added a CoreGameInfo.isQueueEnabled property, indicating whether a game was published with queueing turned on.
  • Added Player.emoteStartedEvent and Player.emoteStoppedEvent events that fire when a player starts or stops playing an emote, as well as a Player.activeEmote property to access the string ID of the currently playing emote.
  • Added Player.animationEvent, similar to AnimatedMesh.animationEvent but for players.
  • Fixed Player.animationStance being incorrect on clients. This may break client scripts if they were relying on animationStance being incorrect so make sure to remove any workarounds you may have added.

Core Content

  • We added several new player ability animations:
    • 1hand_pistol_whip
    • unarmed_punch_right_flying_uppercut
    • 2hand_rifle_butt
  • We added several new player animation stances:
    • unarmed_idle_relaxed_look_around
    • unarmed_browse_virtual_interface
    • unarmed_dance_basic_side_to_side
    • unarmed_dance_basic_arm_swing
    • unarmed_dance_basic_head_bop
  • We added new humanoid animated mesh animation stances:
    • unarmed_swim_idle
    • unarmed_swim_forward
  • Fixed an issue where some music assets were not affected by the Start Time parameter and would always play from the beginning.
  • "Heroic Fantasy Battle" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01:
    • Fixed an issue where the last 4 variations played the incorrect music track.
  • "Colossal Boss Fight" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
    • Set variation "Final Ending Hit Notes" to not loop.
    • Fixed "Type" variation numbering.

Queue system and Player:AttachToCoreObject() are both great additions :slight_smile:


Queuing is sweet, it'd be awesome to see somewhere it showing which games people are waiting to queue for (assuming that's not showing) + Player.isMovementEnabled really happy to see! I'm also curious how `Player:AttachToCoreObject() can/will be used. I feel this is a cleaner way of maybe building something like Roll Em?

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Unfortunately, this caused a showstopping readability issue in my game, Tumbleweed Typo Hunters, which makes use of Emissive Glow Material heavily. I was able to fix it, but the fix is not as good as the original.

You can see how now the crucial glowing 3D text disappears underneath depending on the camera distance:
Honeycam 2021-04-06 15-16-46_small|414x259

So we did push a hotfix for that today, is it still broken?

The hotfix didn't change things for me, but with the change to the Emissive material to now support depth fade, I don't think there necessarily is a fix - it's behaving how something with depth fade should probably behave. I changed things in my game to work around that. But it would be great to have a plain super simple lightweight unlit material, since that's what I've been using the Emissive material for.

We do have the Emissive Opaque Material that should not use any opacity or depth fade I believe. Have you tried that? You can use a value of 1 in the Emissive and it should behave like an unlit material.

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