Alpha Update 32: February 2nd 2021

Highlights for Version 1.0.176

  • Added the ability for creators to lock individual instances of their games! When an instance is locked, it means it will no longer accept new players. We've also added the ability to transfer all players in an instance to a new instance. These commands should help make it easier to implement certain types of round-based games. See the API section for details.


  • New: The "My Collections" now has a global random and edit button.
    • "Edit" will edit the character or preset you have selected.
    • "Random" will put you into customize with a random character created.
    • Saving will now ask you which slot you want to save to. If you are editing a character then it will highlight the slot you are editing.
  • New: The "Perk Testing" dialog now displays each player's Perks separately, and displays the counts for Repeatable Perks:
    • In preview mode, Perk counts now persist between test sessions.
    • Added buttons to the "Perk Testing" dialog to reset preview players' Perks and persistent storage.
  • New: Updated Lua from 5.3.4 to 5.3.6. No changes by Creators needed.
  • New: Multiple selected assets can now be dragged into the viewport for creation.
  • Changed: Fly-up text & damage indicators will now draw BEHIND creator UI.
  • Changed: Creating a new template now scrolls to / focuses the template in the "Project Content" tab, if the tab is open, similar to how creating a new script works.
  • Changed: Dropdowns are options now blue when unselected, and white when selected. (used to be the opposite)
  • Fixed: Titles of inactive tabs in "Create" mode are now easier to read.
  • Fixed: A bug where tab spacing was too small in the script editor.
  • Fixed: A memory leak in the script error handling.
  • Fixed: The "Find in Catalog" now opens the corresponding tab if the tab is closed. This fixes a bug where "Find in Catalog" failed to work on newly created templates.


Core Content

  • New Music Kits added to: Music > BGM > Hip Hop Music
    • "Chilled Out Vibes" Sections Kit 01
    • "Late Night City Vibes" Sections Kit 01
    • "LoFi Moody" Sections Kit 01
    • "LoFi Reflective" Sections Kit 01
    • "Violet Serenity LoFi" Layers Kit 01
    • "Violet Serenity LoFi" Sections Kit 01
    • "Urban Koto Trap" Sections Kit 01
    • "Dirty Line Trap" Sections Kit 01
    • "Dirty Siren Trap" Sections Kit 01
  • Also added the main versions of the above tracks to:
    • "Hip Hop Music Score Set 01"
  • New Music Kits added to: Music > BGM > Electronic Music
    • "Cosmic Ambient LoFi" Sections Kit 01
  • Also added the main versions of the above track to:
    • "Electronic Music Score Set 01"
  • New Music Kits added to: Music > BGM > Casual and Fun Music
    • "Smooth Funky Groove" Layers Kit 01
    • "Smooth Funky Groove" Sections Kit 01
    • "Stanky Funk" Layers Kit 01
    • "Stanky Funk" Sections Kit 01
    • "Upbeat Funky HipHop" Layers Kit 01
    • "Upbeat Funky HipHop" Sections Kit 01
  • Also added the main versions of the above tracks to:
    • "Casual & Fun Music Score Set 01"
  • New SFX added to Sound Effects > Urban:
    • "DJ Vinyl Record Scratch Sequence" (15 Variations)
    • "DJ Vinyl Record Scratch Short Sequence" (7 Variations)
  • Fixed frameworks issue when teams do not get reshuffled.
  • Optimized Advanced and Basic Weapons in Core Content:
    • Now weapons cost less networking bandwidth when shooting.
    • Submachine Guns should shoot fast in multiplayer and server as in preview mode.

Huge!! Thanks for adding this :love_you_gesture: it might take a bit of time to see the value of this addition, but I think this is great news for people really trying to build that next big game on Core, especially with things like Battle Royales.


Games similar to Payday or For Honor are coming, I can feel it!


I'm pretty excited about these new music kits! I mean other stuff is cool too, but @deadlyfishes is killing it.


That's great news. BTW I was wondering about a "Game.StartAcceptingPlayers()" counterpart of "Game.StopAcceptingPlayers()" to accept players in Lobby??


Nice more music! just cant wait for custom audio :core:


Super happy for the change on Ability:Activate() :smile: :smile:
Wooflandia thanks you. :wink:


Game.StopAcceptingPlayers() need a parameter that allows players to join when invited by players already in the game. This will give an easy option to use for groups who want to play together.


This is a huge must have, especially for when a player has disconnected due to connection issues or his pc crashed not to mention the other genre games that can hugely benefit from this.