Alpha Update 31: January 20th 2021

Highlights for Version 1.0.175

  • We're introducing a new system called Hooks. Similar to events, these will enable Creators to Connect() to them to handle sending and receiving data.
  • Our first Hook is the Player.movementHook that let's Creators control the player's current movement direction.
  • To learn more about them, check out our, newly redesigned, documentation.


  • New: We've updated all colors in the UI, in particular the editor has a darker look overall.
    • Many colors will be slightly different but more consistent overall.
  • New: You should now be able to invite a friend to your game if you are both playing the same game but are in different instances.
    If you are in a child game that does not allow direct join, you can still invite your friend and they will be redirected to the parent game.
  • New: Added a "Cancel" option when changing the parent of a game in the publisher.
  • Changed: Invitations to join a game will now show a "Join" or "Play" button instead of a single accept checkmark.
  • Changed: Reduced the number of file read/write actions on publish to minimise impact of antivirus software interfering with Core.
  • Changed: Perk NetReferences no longer gets cleared when opening a project originally created by another creator, to better support working together on the same project.
  • Changed: All text files are now saved without the UTF8 BOM.
  • Fixed: A bug which caused the checkbox for read-only booleans in the property view to be a weird shade of gray.
  • Fixed: A bug where clicking a category link under Quests would show 'Browse' as the filter dropdown instead of the correct category.
  • Fixed: An issue where copying the custom parameters of an object did not copy their network state.
  • Fixed: A bug that caused sound effects in the frontend to ignore the player's volume settings.
  • Fixed: A bug where player hit points would appear to be 100 after joining a game.
  • Fixed: A crash caused by pressing the preview key = in quick succession on large maps.
  • Fixed: If the list of available games fails to load on the home screen, the client will now retry fetching them.
  • Fixed: Duplicate tags on some properties in the Lua API export.
  • Fixed: Projectiles no longer impact client-only objects, unless the projectiles were also spawned from a client script.
  • Fixed: A crash when inspecting a PointLight or SpotLight in the script debugger.
  • Fixed: Chandler is happy now. Why wasn't Chandler happy before, you ask? It's a longer story about a crash, a wrongly enabled ensure and Linux. One day we are going to be able to tell it...

Known Issues

  • The tab character in the script editor is no longer taking up four spaces, we'll fix that in a future patch.


  • New: Added a new function GetPerkTimeRemaining(), which returns the amount of time remaining until a limited time Perk expires.
  • New: Added new Hook and HookListener objects.
  • New: Added a new Hook: Player.movementHook:
    • Passes a table containing a key direction with the player's current movement direction.
    • Changing this key will change the direction that the player moves, and other listeners will receive the updated table.
    • Hook:Connect(Function) returns a HookListener which has a priority property (an integer) which determines the order that listeners are called in. It is 100 by default.

Core Content

  • Changed: Asset and related variation names:
    • Cartoon Funny Wolf Whistle 01 SFX > Cartoon Funny Whistle 01 SFX
  • Changed: Gunshot SFX Sets:
    • When "Dynamic Distance" is enabled, their gizmos will no longer show when gizmos enabled and not selected in hierarchy
  • New Core Materials:
    • Paper 9 Slice Gift Box Center Ribbon 01
    • Paper 9 Slice Gift Box Offset Ribbon 01
  • New 3DObjects:
    • Ball - Basketball 01
    • Ball - Golf 01
    • Ball - Soccer 01
    • Ball - Tennis 01
    • Ball - Volleyball 01
  • Fixed: Several 3D Frame UI Textures were missing a space in the name.

Ball - Soccer 01

Time to make another soccer game! Yess.

Player.movementHook that let's Creators control he player's current movement direction.
So anytime the player moves the event is fired?


I believe it's more for controlling the player character's movement via script.


Core API lookin' CLEAN!


Balls! More Balls! Plenty of Balls to go around!

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Hooks is going to be a game-changer! Can't wait to see more Hooks! :smiley:


Added Class Hook

  • Added Property string Hook.type [ReadOnly]
  • Added MemberFunction HookListener Hook:Connect(function listener, void additionalParameters)
  • Added MemberFunction bool Hook:IsA(string typeName)

Added Class HookListener

  • Added Property bool HookListener.isConnected [ReadOnly]
  • Added Property integer HookListener.priority
  • Added Property string HookListener.type [ReadOnly]
  • Added MemberFunction void HookListener:Disconnect()
  • Added MemberFunction bool HookListener:IsA(string typeName)

Changed Class Audio

  • Added Property number Audio.stopTime [RequiresAuthority] [Dynamic]

Changed Class Object

  • Removed Property table Object.serverUserData [ServerOnly] [ServerOnly]
  • Removed Property table Object.clientUserData [ClientOnly] [ClientOnly]
  • Added Property table Object.serverUserData [ServerOnly]
  • Added Property table Object.clientUserData [ClientOnly]

Changed Class Player

  • Removed Property number Player.lookSensitivity [ClientOnly] [ClientOnly]
  • Added Property number Player.lookSensitivity [ClientOnly]
  • Added MemberFunction number Player:GetPerkTimeRemaining(NetReference perkReference)

Changed Class SmartAudio

  • Added Property number SmartAudio.stopTime [RequiresAuthority] [Dynamic]

Changed Class Equipment

  • Removed Property string Equipment.socket [RequiresAuthority] [RequiresAuthority] [Dynamic]
  • Added Property string Equipment.socket [RequiresAuthority] [Dynamic]

Source: nicholasforeman/core-api-tracker (


new triggers are trippy :nauseated_face:

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Lol I really like them. F u t u r i s t i c!

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I have tried the hook movement and it seems to only work on the player plane. I would like to control the movement on the z access for flying and jumping . i.e I want the player to jump to a specific position.

Is this achievable ?

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