Alpha Update 28: December 2nd 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.168

  • The ESC menu has undergone an overhaul!
    • The Game name and Creator name are now displayed.
    • Players can access the Share button for the game they are playing.
    • Players can Thumbs up/down the game they are playing.
    • There is now a "Play Next" section, which will suggest Active Games for players to jump into.
    • Players can now see other players that are in the same game instance and can send and receive friend invites with those players.
    • The settings are now in the gear icon in the top right corner.


  • New: Render thread times and load times can now be displayed in the Hierarchy stats.
  • New: Multiple optimizations for the render thread. Improvements will vary on a game-by-game basis.
  • New: Script Debugger now shows the string value of tables, functions, and threads in the Value column, and in the Name column when used as a table key. (No more "Complex Variable Key"!) This also supports __tostring metamethods on tables.
  • New: Game Browsing categories have been slightly adjusted
    • There is no longer the left/right scrolling during game browsing.
    • Categories now support being multiple rows high.
    • Client builds are no longer required to make changes to the order and size of the categories. There may be changes to these going forward as we work to optimize the browsing experience for players.
  • Fixed: A respawn issue in the Battle Royale framework.
  • Fixed: The Main menu now remembers whether it was maximized when entering and leaving a game.
  • Fixed: The broken window preview when Alt-Tabbing out of Fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed: A bug with custom properties on a script instance not being displayed immediately after adding them to the script asset.
  • Fixed: Attempts to Save and exit from the editor while preview mode is running will now end preview mode instead of failing to save.
  • Fixed: A bug where resolution settings could be ignored when launching a game from the website.
  • Fixed: The main window briefly showing editor level when returning to main menu.
  • Fixed: Deleting assets from Project Content now properly clears the fields of any asset reference to that asset.
  • Fixed: Deleting objects from the hierarchy now properly clears the fields of any object reference to that object, in other objects or in assets.
  • Fixed an issue where the display for number of networked objects was increasing over time when entering and exiting Preview mode.
  • Changed: Attempting to store data above the size limit in storage will now show a warning.


  • New: Added a IsBindingPressed() function that return true when a binding is held down.
  • New: Added a Storage.SizeOfData(table) function that returns the size of the serialized encoded data stored.
  • New: Added a MergedModel Lua type.

Core Content

  • Over 320 Survival themed illustrated icons added to the UI texture catalog.

Yeah, the ESC menu looked kinda lame with only 3 basic buttons. Can't wait to see how this new ones turn out! Looks like a lot of features to play with! :hugs:


Many awesome additions! Thanks.

Storage.SizeOfData(table) is nice

Can't wait to see the pause menu revamp! This is becoming a feature-rich platform overall!


Wohoo !

  • Fixed an issue where the display for number of networked objects was increasing over time when entering and exiting Preview mode.

This bit me in the butt lately and now I know why lol. Thank you!


Can't wait for this update! Loving Core so far. One might say it's been a game-changer...too on the nose?


This one makes me happy.


love the new features and how clean the new game browser ui is!
But why did you remove the newest games category? and is there any way that I can access it?
the newest games category was my favorite, as I used to find a lot of great games before others lol, now that it's gone I feel like it's going to be very hard for me to find new games and I would have to stick to the active or trending games, what I'm trying to say is idk how to live without the newest games category XD

Where: Material Slot - Item Craftsman Trim Windows - EVERYWHERE Craftsman
but, in the preview and in the game it's cool :slight_smile:

I was also wondering where the "New Games" category went off too? Still though, love the new ESC menu!