Alpha Update 25: October 13th 2020

Highlights for Version 1.0.159

  • The Shared Storage feature is now live!
    • With this feature, creators will be able to store player data across their games
    • As a simple example, this allows players to get loot in one game and have that loot carry over to another game by that same creator. We are excited to see all the creative uses that you find for it!
    • Please check out the documentation for full details.


  • New: Characters & their attached objects are now displayed in the hierarchy in preview.
  • New: There is now a notice that you have claimable quest rewards when you log in to Core.
  • Fix: Errors when adding scripts in newly created projects.
  • Fix: When closing after a publish, there no longer is a prompt for save if there have been no changes.
  • Fix: The displayed leaderboard states now update after a publish.
  • Change: Completed quests will now sort to the bottom of the quest list.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with the Store where the first time you load it and clicked "Featured Items", it would sometimes not do anything until you clicked it a second time.
  • Fix: A divide by zero crash in the built-in reticle.


  • Fix: Core no longer crashes when setting a Smart Property to a destroyed CoreObject from Lua.

Core Content

  • New: Added "unarmed_stomp", "unarmed_eat", "unarmed_drink" and "unarmed_shout" as a Player and Animated Meshes animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the following music assets were not affected by the Music Volume slider in the Core Client Audio Options:
    • "Tense Desolate Horror Wasteland" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
    • "Tense Desolate Horror Wasteland" Music Construction Kit (Layers) 01
    • "Halloween Hunt" Music Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
    • "Mega Spooky EDM Party" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
    • "Spooky Quirky Mischief" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
  • Fixed an issue where the following music score sets had playback issues in the editor while viewing and previewing the asset:
    • Ambient Music Score Set Casual
    • Fun Music Score Set
    • Classical Music Score Set Horror
    • Dark Music Score Set
    • World Music Score Set
  • Fixed an issue where the "Pleasant Critters" music track in the "Casual and Fun Music Score Set" had an audible looping error. The track was further improved by adding another extra measure of the intro at the end.
  • Added new music construction kits based on music tracks that already exist in Core Catalog:
    • "Pleasant Critters" Music Construction Kit (Sections) 01
    • "Fear of Monsters" Music Construction Kit (Layers) 01

Thank you kind developers.

What does this mean?

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Most excited for this :smiley:


This is quite cool! The cross game persistence is going to be a game changer!

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The leaderboards all have a color on the icon next to them that indicates if they are new, edited, deleted, or no change from the published version. Previously, those colors wouldn't update after a publish. If you had 3 new leaderboards and published, they would still show up as new if the tab was open during publish.

Now, all the icon colors and corresponding tooltips should all change to the "no changes since publish" state after a successful publish.


It's great being able to see the character now. I'm going to play with cross-game persistence. I hope it doesn't Have to be attached to a specific player. Even if so, this will be a nice upgrade.

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So what is the "NetReference sharedStorageKey" that is required for Storage.SetSharedPlayerData()?

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